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Information about IZA

Published on March 18, 2008

Author: lawson

Source: authorstream.com

Slide2:  Institute for the Study of Labor Bonn, Germany Slide3:  Independent institute for research in labor economics Science sponsoring by Deutsche Post World Net International orientation Internal and external network structure International guest researchers program The Concept of IZA Slide4:  Basic research Political consulting Public information Meetings: specialized conferences and workshops, seminars, summer school Publications: discussion papers, reprints, books, research reports, newsletters Main Activities of IZA Slide5:  Key Elements of IZA Research Focus on micro-econometric research including company-level analyses International comparative research in close cooperation with labor market economists and research institutes from all over the world Review, documentation and evaluation of new concepts in labor market policy and personnel incentives and initiatives Slide6:  IZA coordinates internationally oriented projects and research activities within six research programs: Mobility and Flexibility of Labor Internationalization of Labor Markets Welfare State and Labor Market Labor Markets in Transition Countries The Future of Labor Evaluation of Labor Market Policies and Projects Current IZA Research Program Slide7:  Development of the IZA Network Expansion of the IZA Research Fellow network: nearly 300 renowned scientists cooperate with IZA High standard also applied to Research Affiliates: promising young economists integrated in-house into IZA projects, EEA prize-winners among affiliates Intensive co-operation with over 30 institutions: close ties e. g. to CEPR London and DIW Berlin Slide8:  Development of the IZA Network Development of Data center: facilitates search for datasets New Research Director Armin Falk: starting from Oct. 1, 2003 Expansion of Pool of Researchers: Senior Researchers Part-time Researchers Hosting Researchers during their sabbatical Slide9:  IZA/SOLE TransAtlantic Meetings of Labor Economists Joint initiative to underline the prominent role of international labor market research in Europe and the US. Meetings are meant to stimulate international discussion and cooperation among labor economists Provide an annual forum for economists worldwide who are involved in labor market research Goal: to enhance our knowledge of basic labor market parameters and to improve our ability to predict the effects of changes in labor market policies Slide10:  IZA/CEPR European Summer Symposium in Labor Economics (ESSLE) Designed to bring together economists in the field from across Europe and key researchers from outside the region Unique opportunity for researchers to discuss their work in a relaxed atmosphere and to develop long- term collaborative relationships Provides young researchers with the opportunity to meet and discuss their work with senior economists Slide11:  IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics Created in 1998, takes place once a year in the conference center of Deutsche Post at Lake Ammersee in Bavaria/Germany Selection of around 30 advanced European graduate students engaged in the preparation of a doctoral dissertation or approaching this stage Objective is to provide a larger number of Ph.D. students with the opportunity to discuss their own research ideas with established senior researchers in a relaxed and open atmosphere Slide12:  Weekly IZA Tuesday Research Seminar Weekly BonnEcon / ZEI / IZA Research Seminar Weekly IZA Brownbag Lunch Seminar IZA/DIW/CEPR Berlin Lunchtime Meetings IZA Tower Talk IZA Seminars Slide13:  IZA Discussion Paper Series more than 750 papers, listed in SSRN email-list IZA Reprint Series more than 120 journal and collective volume articles IZA Research Report Series five reports for institutions from politics and society IZA Monographs extensive work in renowned publishing houses IZA Compact print newsletter, free distribution worldwide IZA Electronic Newsletters IZA Publications Slide14:  Library and Information Center Systematic expansion of inventory Monographs about 2500 Journals about 150 Discussion Papers about 100 series, 3000 copies Access to databases EconLit, JSTOR, Social Science Citation Index Intensive use by IZA staff, guest researchers and students from the University of Bonn Slide15:  Co-operation with University of Bonn IZA cooperates closely with the University of Bonn Department of Economics: IZA takes an active part in the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE)  and the Bonn Economics Research Seminar  On a regular basis, IZA offers lectures and seminars in econometrics and labor market economics Qualified IZA staff members supervise master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral theses Slide16:  IZA Guest Researchers Program IZA offers attractive research environment to all visiting scholars 92 visitors in 2002 IZA aims at strengthening international scientific exchange by stimulating research networks Slide17:  What IZA can offer you Attractive Research Environment for permanent staff (usually 3-year post-doc positions) visitors / guests doctoral exchange students Close Links to other Institutions Co-operation with University of Bonn Bonn Graduate School of Economics EDNET / EDP Slide18:  What IZA can offer you Stimulating Activities Workshops, conferences Seminar series Guests Financial support for travel, conferences etc. Slide19:  What IZA can offer you Contact & Information: www.iza.org sunde@iza.org Slide20:  IZA is looking forward to your research visit !

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