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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: sidlerg

Source: slideshare.net


LMS Project focuses on the functionality of eCollege LMS from both the instructor and the student perspective. Included are related graphics, descriptions of the basic functionality of LMS -from the instructor and student perspective. Consideration was also made regarding both online and hybrid delivery.

Questions regarded:
Q. Do you believe an adequate toolset is provided to conduct teaching/learning within the selected LMS? Will the tools work in both online and hybrid environments?
Q. How easy is it to integrate external products such as social-media tools?
Q. Based on the way individuals learn, what functionality does the LMS currently lack for instructors and students in either online or hybrid environments?
Q. What features could be added for the instructor and student? Would those features differ in an online versus a hybrid environment?
Q. Is the LMS SCORM compliant?
Q. What tools are included for students? What tools are available for instructors?

Proposed Design & Layout for

Management Plan: Selection & Evaluation (Forman, 2013a, 2013b, 2013c) Needs Analysis: • Determine LMS • Collaborating with administration, IT, instructional designers, faculty 3 Requirements needed: 1. Overall functions 2. Technological requirements (infrastructure) 3. Staying on budget Product Evaluation: • Scalability • Security • Support • Ability to support both online & hybrid courses • Within budget

Management Plan: LMS Implementation Extended Team (EXTERNAL)-e.g. trainers, instructional designers, managers, administrators Core Team (INTERNAL)-e.g. project managers, specialists, team leader) Estimated length of time using cloud technology 3-6 months (Forman, 2013b)

1 2 3 4 5 6

LMS Configuration (adapted from Forman, 2013b)

•User info •Courseware •Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) what data to migrate ? common cartridge •Increased levels of assessment • Authorization of content • Collaboration • Outcome reporting • Course data • Transcripts web 2.0 (Gonzales-Barbone & Anido-Rifon, 2009)

Testing for Acceptance Test all areas of the LMS… Procedures… Policies… Milestones…

Pearson eCollege: Access to Virtual Campus & Course

Pearson eCollege: Discussion Board (Hartnell, n.d.)

Pearson eCollege: DropBox (Hartnell, n.d.)

Pearson eCollege: Gradebook

Pearson eCollege: “Cloud” based compilation of any number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet

External User support • Access to eCollege technical support • Dedicated representative assigned by zip code for full support of system usage

Operational Locations

Access Rights “The permissions that are granted to a user, or to an application, to read, write and erase files in the computer. Access rights can be tied to a particular client or server, to folders within that machine or to specific programs and data files” (PCMag, n.d.).

 Administrator  Manager (User)  Instructor (User)  Student (User) An administrator determines the access rights of a user. The users include the administrator, manager, instructor, and student. The types of access rights that a user is assigned depend on his/her role. For instance, a student will only need the ability to read files, but an instructor will need the ability to read, write, and delete files (Schroeder, 2013).

* with permission of the department chair Administrator Manager Instructor Student Course Home (Syllabus, Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Modules (Discussions, Tests, Learning Space, etc.,) Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Gradebook Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Email Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Share Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Live Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Doc Sharing Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Dropbox Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Journal Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read Webliography Read, Write, Erase Read, Write, Erase Read, Write*, Erase* Read

References • • • • • • • Foreman, S. (2013a). Five steps to evaluate and select an LMS: Proven practices. Retrieved from http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/1181/five-steps-to-evaluate-and-selectan-lms-proven-practices Foreman, S. (2013b). Six steps for successful LMS implementation(part 1 of 2). Retrieved http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/1214/the-six-proven-steps-for-successfullms-implementation-part-one Foreman, S. (2013c). Six steps for successful LMS implementation (part 2 of 2). Retrieved http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/1217/the-six-proven-steps-for-successfullms-implementation-part-two Gonzalez- Barbone, V., & Anido-Rifon, L. (2009). From SCORM to common cartridge: A step forward. Computers & Education, 54, 88-102. Doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2009.07.009 Hartnell, J. (n.d.). Internet Literacy Class Orientation. Retrieved from http://www.hartnell.edu/library/interlit/orientation J Schroeder. (2013, February 4). What functions does each role have access to in the LMS? [Web log comment]. Retrieved from http://www.latitudelearning.com/Blog/tabid/1761/Article/1308903/what-functions-doeseach-role-have-access-to-in-the-lms.aspx PC Mag. (n.d.). Encyclopedia. Retrieved from http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/37395/access-rights

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