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Published on March 7, 2014

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Babyjoy was formed by a couple who have been through infertility problems,IVF Treatment Clinic India,IVF Treatment Clinic In India,IVF Treatment Clinic Delhi,IVF Treatment Clinic In Delhi.
Details are as Follows :
Website : www.ivftreatmentclinicindia.com
Call Us : 0044 78300 15872 IND: +91-8826884503
Email - babyjoy@hotmail.co.uk

Things you need for your baby in India • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1.10 items of clothing for newborns etc 2. 6 feeding bottles – 9oz. 3. milton tablets for sterlizing – 4-5 boxes 4. 5 litre tub with lid ( buy from Wilkinsons ) 5. 5-6 packets of baby wipes 6. 5-6 bags of cotton wool balls 7. 3-4 tissue boxes 8. infalcol/ sudocream9. gripe water 10. 10 large packs of nappies size 1 + 2 ( nappies can be bought in India )11. quilt/crib/moses basket ( can be bought in India ) 12. mostique net ( can be bought in India ) 13. 1 packet of clear plastic bags 14. hat for baby ( can be bought in India ) 15. large bowl or baby bath ( can be bought in India )8. infalcol/ sudocream

Egg & Sperm Donors • • • • • • • • Egg Donors For those women who are unable to produce eggs, it is possible for the clinic to arrange for suitable donors. Donated eggs can be fertilised by the partner’s sperm, and embryos are transferred into the uterus after preliminary preparation to aid in implantation. Egg donors must be between the ages of 18 and 35, be healthy and have a desire to help infertile women. They must be prepared to undergo screening for infection and hereditary diseases. Proven fertile donors are preferred. The clinic screens all their egg donors every 3 months. The clinic have many healthy young fertile Indian women, whom are less than 30 years old. They have been medically tested for their fertility and screened for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS. The egg donor is superovulated exclusively for the recipient, ensuring a high success rate. The clinic will select the best egg donor for the recipient by matching your physical traits. They can provide information on the egg donors like physical characteristics, age, height, weight, complexion, blood group, education occupation, marital status. The clinic has egg donors from India and Russia. Sperm Donors The clinic screens all donors for HIV, HBsAg, VDRL every 3 months. They carefully look into any family history of diabetes, hypertension, congenital anomalies and blood disorders. Donors physical characteristics are matched with the recipient in terms of height, physique, colour of the skin/eyes/Hair, texture of hair, caste, religion, IQ, blood group, general financial status in society. Donors are recruited only when they meet the clinics requirements and are continued if their fertility status is proved. The clinic ensures close confidentiality for both the donor and the recipient.

Surrogacy • • • • • • • • There are some women whose ovaries function normally but the uterus is absent, diseased or unable to carry pregnancy to term. In such cases, couples can have their own embryos transferred into a healthy surrogate mother who will then carry the pregnancy to term. The clinic has already delivered about 320 surrogate babies till 2011. In an Indian scenario, to find a surrogate is very easy as we are really bound to each other emotionally like sisters, sister in laws, etc. Willingly do it for each other. Your mother could be a good surrogate if she is healthy enough to carry the pregnancy till term. Commercial surrogates are available but may require a little more effort to be found. The clinic offers all services under one roof. The clinic do not use the surrogate’s eggs, they will use donor eggs or the recipient’s eggs to implant in the surrogate. Then after 18 days they will do a blood test for a positive result. They will transfer up to 5 embryos at one time, as to give a higher success rate, as there is no law in India on how many embryos can be transferred. The clinic will provide the surrogates. There is no egg sharing in the clinic. The clinic has many surrogate mothers and egg donors from India and Russia. The length of time you need to stay in Delhi, if using your own eggs is approx. 3-4 weeks and using donor eggs is approx. 2 weeks. Costs of Surrogacy The total cost of surrogacy including delivery charges is 12 lakhs. British pounds approx. £16,000 US Dollars approx. $25,000 Guaranteed Baby Package Total cost is 20 Lakhs, approx. £25,000 Legal Matters Babies born through surrogacy in India are born stateless ( no nationality ), therefore consult embassy of your own country for baby’s citizenship i.e. British citizen fill in MN1 form. You will require birth certificate, citizenship passport and then an exit visa to leave the country. The address for filing MN1 form Consular Department, British High Commission, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110 021 UK documents required Surrogacy contract 2. Baby’s birth certificate 3. Parent’s birth certificate 4. Parent’s marriage certificate 5. Family photo with baby

Contact Us Please call us on 0783 0015 872 or use the form below to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. Website – www.ivftreatmentclinicindia.com

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kishor | 05/08/15
Gurgaon fertility centre is best surrogacy clinic in gurgaon.They provide , affordable surrogacy treatments and complete medical advice for couples having trouble conceiving.

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