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Information about IVF Treatment in Bangalore | IVF Specialist in India

Published on November 5, 2018

Author: smilebabyivfs

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: www.smilebabyivfs.in We care for your Dreams slide 2: www.smilebabyivfs.in   The technique of joining a man’s sperm and woman’s egg in a laboratory dish is called In-Vitro Fertilization IVF. slide 3: www.smilebabyivfs.in 1 OF 3 FAMILY STRUGGLE WITH INFERTILITY YEARS OLD 30 35 40 30 10 5 CHANCE OF GETTING PREGNANT BY IVF TREATMENT slide 4: www.smilebabyivfs.in IVF PROCEDURE THERE ARE FIVE BASIC STEPS INVOLVED IN THE IVF PROCEDURE- Super Ovulation or Stimulation Retrieving the egg Inseminating and fertilization Embryo Culture Embryo Transfer slide 5: www.smilebabyivfs.in IVF PROCESS slide 6: www.smilebabyivfs.in SUPER OVULATION OR STIMULATION Clomiphenes like ovarian-stimulating drugs are used for the hyperstimulation of the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. slide 7: www.smilebabyivfs.in RETRIEVING THE EGG To retrieve the eggs the doctor inserts an ultrasound-guided probe into the vagina. slide 8: www.smilebabyivfs.in  FERTILIZATION EMBRYO CULTURE Selected eggs are placed in a culture in the laboratory. They are then inseminated with sperm. slide 9: www.smilebabyivfs.in EMBRYO TRANSFER One or more embryos are implanted in the uterus following egg retrieval. slide 10: www.smilebabyivfs.in                               was established with an intention of providing global standards of treatment affordable for everyone. All fertility cases both male and female are treated at Smile Baby IVF using advanced medical surgical and scientific techniques. SCAN HERE Smile Baby IVF slide 11: www.smilebabyivfs.in CONTACT ADDRESS Smile Baby IVF Lingarajapuram Bangalore Karnataka India Mob: 8884752134 9686382856 email :smilebabyivfs.ingmail.com slide 12: www.smilebabyivfs.in IVF TREATMENT IN BANGALORE FOLLOW US ON : slide 13: w w w . s m i l e b a b y i v f s . i n

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