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Information about Ivf processes in Chhattisgarh
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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: amishatyagi

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Bouncing back after a failed IVF cycl It is true that medical science has made advancement in the field of gynecology and infertility; but it is also a fact that science cannot make miracles happen. If all of us keep this simple principle in mind, then it would really be an easy task to come out of the blues of life. The introduction of in vitro fertilization has indeed brought smiles to many faces; but it also needs to be understood that not every infertility couple be always be lucky at the first chance. This means, that not all IVF cycle may turn out to be a success. It is also worth mentioning that failure can occur at each stage of an IVF cycle. Therefore, getting stressed out and sad at each failure will ultimately lead the couples to the path of depression. So here are some of the few tips that would help the couples bounce back with full song and vigor after a failed IVF cycle.  Understanding each stage of IVF cycle is utmost necessary. Failure can occur at any stage and the cycle can get abandoned at that juncture.  Also, one must understand that failure is a part of life and not everyone can succeed. Therefore, the failure in IVF cycle should also be taken positively and prepare oneself both mentally as well as physically for the next cycle.  It is also advised that couples prepare an IVF decision tree that would help them assess the positive as well as a negative outcome at each stage of the

cycle. This means that the couples will prepare them well in advance about the negative and positive result. An IVF cycle can even fail at the first stage during the super-ovulation process. The cycle may even turn futile during the last stage of embryo transfer when the pregnancy test comes out to be negative. Therefore, getting prepared for the worst outcome at each stage would help minimize the stress and depression in case of failure. One must understand that success and failure are parts of life and similarly a failure in an IVF cycle should not be the cause of emotional setbacks for the couples. Expecting that the outcome can be positive and negative as well will certainly help the couples come out of the blues of failure. http://www.raipurivf.com/ivf-treatment.html

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