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Information about ivf procedure step by step in Delhi Ncr - Gestational Surrogacy India

Published on September 24, 2018

Author: gestationalsurrogacy

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Slide 1: IVF PROCEDURE Step By Step Slide 2: IVF PROCEDURE- Understanding The IVF treatment Step By Step: - IVF is the process for doing the treatment relative to infertility to get the best treatment facilitations to be accused for the more or less resulting technique to be for the most accused results . Let’s discuss the process for the IVF treatment step by step and also in deep discussing scenario using the more or less abscessed technique that how to get the successful results in best way. Slide 3: STEP 1:- INJECTIONS AND MEDICATIONS STARTS FROM THE SECOND DAY OF THE PERIOD: - Starting from the second day of the period it must be observed that the treatment for the injection in respect of IVF to get the best results to be accused to get the injections to made the eggs availability in the quantified resulting technique for the fertilization to get the best qualified and quantified eggs for the fertilization procedure. Slide 4: STEP 2:- STIMULATION PROCESS: - The stimulation process should be starting from the second day as in the natural process the egg produced should be only one egg but in the process of medications from IVF the eggs produced with the medications should be more or less than 5 eggs which is being retrieved at the time of egg retrieval. As the medications should be delivered to the female patient in the form of injections which must be 1 or 2 per day as needed by the patient and depending on the patient’s body as prescribed by the doctor and must be starting from the day 2 the injections should be given necessarily for the IVF treatment to be proclaimed for encouraging the follicles in the ovary to be extracted for the quantity of the eggs. Slide 5: As for the stimulation process 3 hormones should be available in the prescribed quantity that means not less or not more availability of the hormones in the female body in any way. Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH) Luteinizing Hormones (LH) ASH These 3 kinds of hormones must be available in the proper quantity in the female body as the female must have within the age of reproduction. Slide 6: STEP 3 :- EGG RETRIEVAL PROCESS: - The eggs should be retrieved from the female’s body that means the collection of eggs from the body of the female for the better resulting technique to be outsourced for the assertions to be made available in the required quantity as per the need for the procedure to be done in the most efficient manner. So to get the most required amounting within such consent to get the best fertility resulting assistance to be accused within the follicles for the removal of the best qualified eggs from the female’s body to get the results in the desirable assistance. As on an average 8 to 10 eggs are being extracted from the female’s body for the fertilization process for acquiring the desirable results. Slide 7: STEP 4:- THE SPERM EXTRACTION: - The sperm should be extracted from the male partner’s body in the desired amount so as to acquire the best resulting assertion from the qualified and quantified sperms to be extracted so as to get the healthy and quantified sperms to be upgraded within the effective scenario for the most cost effective technique to be prompted and that too must be in desired amount with healthy sperm extraction. Slide 8: STEP 5 :- FERTILIZATION PROCESS: - With the eggs which is being retrieved and also with the sperms extracted the fertilization process to be done with eggs and sperms mixed well in the laboratory dish for the fertilization results to be accused so to get the positive results that the fertilization should be resulting in the pregnancy with the healthy sperms and qualified eggs which must be increasing the chances to succeed and as a result pregnancy occurred. Slide 9: STEP 6:- EMBRYO GROWING STAGE : - With the embryo development and embryo growing stage the doctors and experts should properly monitored the embryo which is being available in the laboratory dish about the growth and development of the embryo that is embryo should be in proper condition for all the matured process to be further ready for the process of transferring in the uterus of the female. Slide 10: STEP 7:- EMBRYO TRANSFER PROCESS: - After 3 to 5 days of the fertilization process where it exists at the stage of blastocysts the growth and development should be checked up by the experts and then pick up the best quality embryo for the transferring process to be further resulting in pregnancy of the female after embryo of the healthy and fine quality being transferred to the intended mother’s uterus. Slide 11: STEP 8 :- PREGNANCY BLOODS TEST: - After the process and treatment for IVF done so as to remove infertility it is being tested after 15 days of the embryo transferred that the test is being conducted in order to verified the pregnancy that is the female gets pregnant after the treatment if yes then the treatment should be successful with positive outcome otherwise if not successful try the other attempt. Slide 12: Contact US: - Gestational Surrogacy India F-21, South Exten,Part -I New Delhi Email At:  possible@gestationalsurrogacyindia.com Phone: +91 9899293903 Website: www.gestationalsurrogacyindia.com

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