iVend Analytics - Proactive Decision Making for Successful Retailing

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Information about iVend Analytics - Proactive Decision Making for Successful Retailing
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Published on February 19, 2014

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ICS Retail Suite covers everything from POS to Back Office to Head Office operations; automating the entire operations, virtually eliminating paper work.It allows the management team at the Head Office to have complete control over data at the stores

Our retail setup can scale up to a complex multi-store environment with complete integration with your day to day business operations.

Get to know more about Retail Suite here: http://www.ics.com.ph/retailsuite/


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iVend Analytics Proactive Decision Making for Successful Retailing

Product Benefits Ÿ Promotion & brand selection Ÿ Accelerated Purchasing iVend Analytics iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards for the Retail Industry. iVend Analytics seamlessly integrates into iVend Retail and leverages transactional data of the retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight which is functional &actionable. Retail specific intuitive dashboards provide strategic and tactical insights for faster and effective decision-making. iVend Analytics runs on any browser, iPhone/iPad or any Android device Ÿ Increased Sales Volume Core Performance Illustrator – Dashboards Ÿ Point Earn & Burn initiative iVend Analytics has been developed keeping in mind the Retail Business and the application comes with ready to use dashboards for analyzing - Stores, Customers, Products, Promotions, Affinities and many more. These ready to use dashboards integrate seamlessly with iVend Retail data significantly reducing the time required to start reaping their benefits. In-memory processing and associative search, make iVend Analytics extremely agile application and decrease its response time. Ÿ Store choice and price image Static Illustration Sales figures iVend Analytics has built a comprehensive series of sophisticated sculpting and optimized Dashboards to provide detailed insight into essential business functions such as: Comparative Static Data Ÿ Year to date Ÿ Previous Vs. Current MTD net sales Ÿ Month to date Ÿ Previous WTD sales Ÿ Week to date Ÿ Net Sales Ÿ Day wise sales figures Ÿ Sales trends Benefits of Dashboard Ÿ Dynamic & Static View sales performance using predefined industry best practice KPI Ÿ Monitor & drill down associative search for precise analysis Ÿ Reporting templates & dashboards tailored to individual stores, products & roles Ÿ Comparative analysis of historical & current data Ÿ Pricing and promotion management Ÿ What-if Analysis Ÿ Markdowns Ÿ Customized Category Management Ÿ Special price definition Ÿ Gross profit highlights Ÿ Market basket analysis Ÿ Customer segmentation Your Business is BI ready If You Have Data That is Diverse Dynamic Dense One of the these

What does the CXO wants to know? Ÿ Insights to fine tune the strategy Ÿ Insights to take tactical decisions Real time data on any platform ŸBrowser ŸMobile The CXO would like to discuss the dashboard with his team while on the move Net Sales Vs Transactions Transactions on POS Store wise Net Sales analysis Average sales transactions/store Month on Month Analysis Top performers & bottom performers Customer level analysis Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Company & Individual Contribution Sales trend of each time Calculation of basket size from generated revenue Customer Type Vs. Net Sales Trends Transactions Vs. Salesman Product analysis Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Product wise contribution in total sales Product store wise net sales ABC analysis by products Upsells & gift certificates Special categorization for lost Sales Newly Introduced & Non Moving Product Indicators Inventory Snapshot Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ based Collaboration Store Analysis Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ based In Stock & available Stock Actual Stock display keeping aside committed stock Reorder Alert basis average weekly, Net quantity Vs. Available quantity Shrinkage details based on Actual stock take to ascertain pilferage Payment Analysis Ÿ Store wise & trend analysis by various payment modes Promotions Ÿ Promotional Sales Vs. Overall sales Analysis Ÿ Statistics by Promotion Type Sales Persons Ÿ Top Performers Ÿ Trend Analysis Ÿ Individual Contribution Attribute Analysis Ÿ Attribute & sub attribute analysis for Matrix Child Products Ÿ Trend Analysis Side by Side Analysis Ÿ Product Group /product-comparison by adhoc groups Affinity Analysis Ÿ What sells more with what Ÿ Strategic Insight to determine promotions and combos Comparative Sales Analysis Ÿ Net sales Growth Comparison for Store, Product group, product Drill-down

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