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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Natalya



Slide1:  by Volker Weidner PMO Advisor / Marine Networks Slide2:  History of WMO-PMO Workshops PMO-I London 1993 PMO-II London 2003 Report on PMO-III Slide3:  PMO-III Hamburg March 24-25 2006 39 delegates from 24 countries attended PMO-III-INT Report on PMO-III Slide4:  SOT-III (Brest 2005) reinforced that … the work of PMOs is crucial for VOS and VOSP PMOs play a fundamental and essential role in the programmes coordinated under SOT it is important to improve and harmonize the international coordination Report on PMO-III The role of the PMOs Slide5:  Responsibilities Recruit ships and maintain a national VOS fleet Maintain accurate records Regularly visit the ships in the ports Provide service to all VOS, at request, regardless of recruiting country To enquire about any problems with the ship´s officers To support international marine programmes Key issues of PMO-III Report on PMO-III Slide6:  2. Ship´s security Against the background of piracy acts and other incidents, shipping companies expressed their concerns about the web publication of callsigns. Recommendations: To reclassify ship data transmitted in FM-13 SHIP from “essential“ to „additional“ data To replace the original callsign by „SHIP“ on request, when transmitted via LES and before GTS insertion (Japan) To replace the original callsign by generic codes, e.g. with reference to observation categories (Surfmar) Report on PMO-III Slide7:  3. Migration to BUFR An informal SOT task team was established to review the data/metadata to be required in a VOS/VOSClim BUFR template Possible implementation scenarios SHIP to BUFR conversion 1:1, implementation case by case Proprietary / „SOT“-format + metadata to BUFR Implementation phase (target 2008) Operational (target 2012) Report on PMO-III Slide8:  Updating procedures for WMO Publication No. 47 (no.3) Education and outreach (no.5) Improvement of VOSClim data submission (no.6) Proposed actions to recruit more ships (no.7) Proper installation of instruments on ships (no.8) Copyright issues for pictures (no.13) Workshop's recommendations (extract) Report on PMO-III Slide9:  Updating the list of Inmarsat LES accepting SAC 41 (no.14) Ship inspection form for foreign VOS visits (no.15/16) Reporting of observing practices (no.18) Monitoring, quality information, and feedback (no.19/22) Web tools, e.g. map showing PMO network & contact details (no.21) Frequency of PMO workshops every 3-4 years (no.25) Recommendations (cont.) Report on PMO-III Slide10:  Next workshop … PMO-IV USA ? 2009 ? Report on PMO-III

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