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Published on January 23, 2008

Author: Terenzio


The Roles of RTO’s in South East Asia EARTO 2006 Annual Conference:  The Roles of RTO’s in South East Asia EARTO 2006 Annual Conference Dr.-Ing. Liang-Han Hsieh Representative ITRI Europe Lisbon, March 3, 2006 Major RTO’s in (South East) Asia:  Major RTO’s in (South East) Asia AIST (Japan): National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology ( KIST (Korea): Korea Institute of Science and Technology ( ITRI (Taiwan): Industrial Technology Research Institute ( ASTRI (Hong Kong): Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute Company Limited ( IIR (Singapore): Institute for Infocomm Research ( NSTDA (Thailand): National Science and Technology Development Agency ( SIRIM (Malaysia): Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia ( … (China) Challenges in value creation: dealing with uncertainties:  Challenges in value creation: dealing with uncertainties Business development Business strategies, product development, production, marketing and sale, financial operations Market customers, competitors Technology development Fundamental research to prototype or pilot line Value creation process Comparison of roles of RTO’s:  Comparison of roles of RTO’s Taiwan Fundamental Research Application Oriented Fundamental Research Applied R&D Technology Prototype Pilot Production Prototype Mass Production Marketing University Academia Industry (SME) RTO Evolution of RTO’s: example Taiwan:  Evolution of RTO’s: example Taiwan Phase 1: Seed of technology development Extensive study in science, technology and economy Technology transfer from abroad, technology localization Develop core technologies & basic technologies Phase 2: Scaling up to establish national R&T system and industries Spin-offs to found new local high-tech companies Attract expatriates to create own high-tech companies in Science Parks Extensive interaction among the RTO, industries and VCs Phase 3: Mature for own technology development Set up national technology focuses & priorities External assessment and consulting to enhance the effectiveness of RTO Create HR flow among universities, industries and RTOs depending on market needs Phase 4: Transition to international benchmarking and cooperation National high-tech industries well established Insufficient young science & technology talents Challenges from knowledge-based economy and globalization ITRI and Taiwan’s IC industry:  ITRI and Taiwan’s IC industry CMOS technology transferred from RCA in 1976 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 Source : IEK ITIS Project (Jan,2005) Year UMC: ITRI spin-off, 1979 1st 4” Wafer Fab in Taiwan (US$ 3,510M, 2004) TSMC: ITRI spin-off, 1987 1st 6” Wafer Fab in Taiwan (US$ 7,659M, 2004) VIS: ITRI spin-off, 1994 1st 8” Wafer Fab in Taiwan (US$ 475M, 2004) TMC: ITRI spin-off, 1988 1st Mask Company in Taiwan (US$ 92M, 2004) Nursing Clustering Trend setting Taiwan Optoelectronics Industry:  Taiwan Optoelectronics Industry 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 ... CD-ROM Scanner FAX LED CD-R TFT-LCD PC Camera MFP MP3 Player LCD Projector LIGHT LED Fiber Optics PDP HD-DVD DSC Printer DVD Revenue (US$ Billion) ITRI’s role in Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry:  ITRI’s role in Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry Establishing DVD verification lab 2000 1999 1998 1996 1994 1992 Developing key components CD-ROM: system integration CD-R/RW disk: technology development DVD disk drive: system integration & key component development Admitted to the Steering Committee of DVD Forum Establishing DVD Club Unit: billion NT$ 30 90 150 2001 2002 2003 2004 210 Establishing advanced storage consortium HD-DVD: key component development In 1993 Taiwan has no optical disk drive production, by 2001 its output of 50 million units accounts for 56% of the world market share. Total revenues Factors driving RTO’s role shift:  Factors driving RTO’s role shift The gaps between basic research and commercialization in terms of expertise and time to market become increasingly narrow. Is there time for traditional technical transfer? University performing pre-competitive research is cheaper, and the graduates could be recruited as staff by the enterprises. Governmental basic research institutes practicing innovation and applications RTO’s in other regions which have another culture diversity, complementary strength and lower cost could be alternatives for multinationals Industries need “fast”, “focused” and “product-ready” competitive research results (End) customers do not appreciate high technologies which show no direct customer value. Challenges to RTO’s: capability for creating economic value:  Challenges to RTO’s: capability for creating economic value Comparative strength of RTO’s: Could industry trust (confidentiality and capability) RTO’s for performing contracted “competitive” research? Could RTO’s perform really effective “competitive” research, where not only branch-specific expertise, but also concentration, differentiation, skills and speed are crucial? Managing conflicting expectations from different clients: Government funding agencies request RTO’s to create direct economic values based on criterion “jobs” created The conflicts between contracted technology development (OEM) and economic value creation (Branding)? Established industries hinder RTO to do relevant key technologies in order to prevent technology dissemination to further competitors Ability to hit flying targets: Do RTO’s know the real “competitive” market needs in order to create direct market value as pre-competitive research institutions? ITRI - Innovative Technologies for a Better Future:  ITRI - Innovative Technologies for a Better Future ITRI operation at a glance:  ITRI operation at a glance Industrial Technology Research Institute:  Industrial Technology Research Institute To spearhead the development of emerging high-tech industry To enhance competitiveness of industries in the global market To engage in applied research and technical services to accelerate the industrial development of Taiwan. To develop key, compatible, forward-looking technologies to meet industrial needs and strengthen industrial competitiveness. To disseminate research results to the industrial sector in a timely and appropriate manner, in accordance with the principles of fairness and openness. To foster the technology development of small and medium-sized businesses, and cultivating industrial technology human resources for the benefit of the nation. A not-for-profit R&D institution founded in 1973 with missions: Baseline: synergy of the value added chain:  University Value Research Inst. Service Orientation Industry Innovation Enhancement Linkage with Social Needs Government Innovation Environment ITRI lab@X-University Baseline: synergy of the value added chain Main directions of transition :  Main directions of transition International cooperation and benchmarking: Cooperating intensively with domestic and overseas universities to cultivate future HR Recruit employees internationally Setting up international joint R&D centers Cooperating with foreign RTO’s Sending visiting research elites to partner institutions Differentiation to local industrial R&D Emphasize IP deployment to create value Develop technologies for service industries Creativity fostering for technology and business innovation Stress on new ventures and incubation to create new jobs and cultivate young entrepreneurs ITRI Strategies: Organization alignment:  ITRI Strategies: Organization alignment Make or buy: international business development Strategic partners ITRI Lab@X Overseas co-incubation Cut & paste: IP deployment for industry Stepwise focusing: core labs and focus centers Value creation: by encouraging spin-offs and incubating young entrepreneurs and start-ups at OpenLab@itri and own incubators ITRI’s International Cooperation:  ITRI’s International Cooperation Western Europe Office Moscow Office Tokyo Office ITRI Inc. (USA) EC Government MUFFINS Germany Aixtron Israel BASF Israel Aircraft Covion MATIMOP Fraunhofer TUB TUI Sweden Acreo AB UK ARM Switzerland CSEM France CEA/Leti ETSI Netherland Avantium, TNO Japan Korea AIST KSBC Fanuc KETI Matsushita Mitsubishi Austrlia CRC Hong Kong CSIRO HKUST QMI Malaysia SIRIM South Africa NCS India Hughes Software Russia RAS (IOFFE, ICPC, PTI…) MAI Slide18:  Source: Industrial Technology and ITRI “The visible brain”, P.193 The transformation of IP deployment model Slide19:  Reorganization after before Slide20:  Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories Center for Measurement Standards Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center Nanotechnology Research Center Creativity Laboratory Technology Center for Service Industries Core Lab Linkage Center Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratories Energy and Environment Research Laboratories Material and Chemical Research Laboratories Information and Communications Research Laboratories Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories Display Technology Center SoC Technology Center Photovoltaics Technology Center Medical Electronics and Device Technology Center RFID Technology Center Administrative Service Center Accounting Resource Center Administrative Supports Information Service Center ITRI HQ Techn. Transfer and Service Center International Business Center Office of Strategy and R&D Planning New Organization Structure Business Development Unit Focus Center Slide21:  For more information:

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