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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: anipathania



News room and its structure. How editorial department work in a media organisation

Functioning of News Room

Newspaper office can be divided into three parts 1.Business Section 2.Mechanical Section 3.Editorial Section

Editorial Section a. Editorial Writing Department b. Feature Writing Department c. Bureau (Reporting Department) d. News desk or the news room

News Room The new room is the heart of newspaper. The person at the helm of affairs in the newsroom is the news editor. He is the one who controls ,co-ordinates and facilitates the functions carried out in the newsroom. His team consists of chief sub-editor and different ranks of sub-editors.

Powers a. News editor:- gatekeeper decides what will be published in the newspaper, decides format, front page story and placement of news matter on pages. His main job is of major coordinator, guides, directs, selects news, delegates power and duties. b. Deputy news editor:- In absence of news editor he exercises as news editor. News room administrator, senior member of editing staff and guides junior staff. c. Chief sub-editor:- Works on the command of editor, does editing, make up all. He gets direct order from deputy editor and sends to sub-editor. d. Sub-editor:- Edits, correction, add, delete news story guided by chief sub-editor.

Functions a. Collection :- News is collected by staff correspondents, reporters, news agencies- UNI, PTI, Reuters. b. Selection and editing :- Selection of news done by chief sub-editor, editor and decides news whether to be published or not. Editing:- correction , make-up, language, headline, picture. c. Presentation:- Dummy is prepared.

Functions of electronic news room a. Penless b. Paperless news procedure c. E-news (electronic news) d. Quark Xpress (software of editing) e. Pagemaking: To prepare copy for final printing

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