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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: SwatiAggarwal15



• What is Gnome AND KDE • GNU License • Open Source code • KDE: K Desktop Environment • Closed Source • GNOME: G Network Object Model Environment • PART OF THE GNU PrOJECT

• What is Gnome AND KDE • Desktop Environment • An intuitive and attractive desktop • KOffice Suite • Development Platform

Why GNOME ? 4 Business 4 Home Users 4 Developers 4 the World 4 People w/ Disabilities 4 System Administrators

What do they stand for? • WHY? • Giving users and developers complete control over there software and data • It’s about ease of use and not about pilling on features.

Easy to implement Minimal training Easy to admin install and support

Developers Bind development with many popular languages like Java, C#, C. Develop software free of charge with no royalty fee

The Differences • KDE Vs. GNOME • GNU/Linux is not a graphic user interface. • GNOME OR KDE • Popular polished interface. • Which on is right for you? • GNOME is used about 65% of GNU/Linux Desktop • KDE is about 26% utilized.

The Differences • GNOME is the default desktop environment for major releases such as Fedora or Ubuntu. • GNOME has a strong corporate presence which gains the confidence of many businesses. • KDE maintains it leverage through mostly popularity,

The differences • They are much more similarities then differences • GNOME • Virtual Desktop • Memory Overhead • Able to change the window manager

Which One is Best for you This mostly depends on the type of feature that you expect to utilize and the type of functions that you are most familiar with. KDE and GNOME both offer an abundance of application to support system development to office application.

X - Server • What is X-Server • It is a GUI for Linux • The GUI provides a means of performing operation in an environment without having to utilize the command line. • You don’t have to remember commands or utilize the command line.

X - Server BENEFITS: • Less resources are utilized and less crashes or errors occur but the GUI there is no GUI to make needless calls to ram or cpu. • X-Server Remote • Other computer Running X can access the remote session and GUI interface of the Linux box that is running X. • KDE and GNOME or written for X. You can use the GUI of both via the X client to access Linux resources remotely.

X - Server • Is it part of the OS? • X is not an integration in to the Operating System • X is written as a layer on top of the OS. • X is an additional application.

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