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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: niibhapratap



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Building A Quality Organization ITFT College, Chandigarh 14/26/2014

Introduction • Customer Satisfaction is the main aim of every organization. • Customer requirements change with time. • Competition creates a NEED in the mind of customers. ITFT College, Chandigarh 24/26/2014

Dimensions of Quality 1) QUALITY CONTROL: • looks at processes concerned with control • Focus on auditing an organization requirements • specifies what is required ITFT College, Chandigarh 34/26/2014

2) QUALITY ASSURANCE: • concerned with monitoring • focuses on meeting customer needs (customers defined in the widest sense) • provides guidelines • looks at outcomes 3) QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: • has structures for the sharing of good practice • builds in continuous improvement • has an element of self assessment ITFT College, Chandigarh 44/26/2014

5 Keys to building Quality • Continuous Improvement philosophy • Consistency in everything you do • Teamwork as part of the culture • Routine Measure and Analysis • Training for all ITFT College, Chandigarh 54/26/2014

Implementing TQM 1) Management Commitment • Plan (drive, direct) • Do (deploy, support, participate) • Check (review) • Act (recognize, communicate, revise) 2) Employee Empowerment • Training • Suggestion scheme • Measurement and recognition • Excellence teams ITFT College, Chandigarh 64/26/2014

3) Fact Based Decision Making • SPC (statistical process control) • The 7 statistical tools • team-oriented problem solving 4) Continuous Improvement • Systematic measurement and focus • Excellence teams • Attain, maintain, improve standards 5) Customer Focus • Supplier partnership • Never compromise quality ITFT College, Chandigarh 74/26/2014

Quality Circles • A group of employees who perform similar duties and meet at periodic intervals, often with management, to discuss work-related issues and to offer suggestions and ideas for improvements, as in production methods or quality control. ITFT College, Chandigarh 84/26/2014

Benefits of Quality circle • Establishment of quality standard • Team Work • Positive Attitude • Positive working environment • Increased productivity • Production of standard quality goods ITFT College, Chandigarh 94/26/2014

Role in Organizational Transition in TQM Why is CHANGE essential? • Customer expectations continuously evolve. • Increased Competition • Processes become outdated. • Technology is changing rapidly. ITFT College, Chandigarh 104/26/2014

Teams for TQM • A team is a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. • The individuals comprising a team ideally should have common goals, common objectives and more or less think on the same lines. ITFT College, Chandigarh 114/26/2014

Team building can lead to: • Good communications with participants as team members and individuals • Increased department productivity and creativity • Team members motivated to achieve goals • cooperation and collaborative problem-solving • Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment • Higher levels of trust and support • Diverse co-workers working well together • Clear work objectives ITFT College, Chandigarh 124/26/2014

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