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Published on February 2, 2009

Author: mjryan42


An introduction toe-learning : An introduction toe-learning There is a soundtrack to this presentation. Please adjust your volume control menu Menu : Menu What is e-learning? Models and approaches Concerns, benefits and issues Impact & the future What is e-learning? : What is e-learning? Prophecy! : Prophecy! “For the foreseeable future, computing will play an increasingly important role in human learning. However, no-one yet knows exactly how great that role will eventually be, or precisely what form it will finally take.” Taylor, R.P. 1980 What is e-learning? : What is e-learning? What do you understand by the term e-learning? e-Learning is … : e-Learning is … “the systematic use of networked multimedia computer technologies to: Empower learners Improve learning Connect learners to people and resources supportive of their needs Integrate learning, performance, individual and organisational goals.” Goodyear, P. (2000) JISC - UK : JISC - UK “ … learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology” (JISC 2004) Effective Practice with e-Learning A European View : A European View “the use of new multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitating access to resources and services as well as remote exchanges and collaboration.” eLearning Action Plan, 2001 Euro. Comm. Funding Council definition : Funding Council definition We have debated whether we need to adopt a specific definition of e-learning at all, since it might curb exploration and restrict diversity. In embedding this strategy we want to ensure that there is confident use of the full range of pedagogic opportunities provided by ICT. For HE this will encompass flexible learning as well as distance learning, and the use of ICT as a communications and delivery tool between individuals and groups, to support students and improve the management of learning. HEFCE: March 2005/12 A university teacher’s view : A university teacher’s view “e-learning is a form of learning which exploits computer technologies and electronic communication methods to provide a learning environment where students interact with structured and semi-structured materials designed to promote and encourage exploration, experimentation, discussion and reflection.” An important … : An important … “… characteristic of e-learning may be the scope it gives for collaboration, communication and group work, taking it beyond the mere provision of distance learning materials.” (Booth, 2003) A national perspective … : A national perspective … "If someone is learning in a way that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs), they are using e-learning. They could be a pre-school child playing an interactive game; they could be a group of pupils collaborating on a history project with pupils in another country via the Internet; they could be geography students watching an animated diagram of a volcanic eruption their lecturer has just downloaded; they could be a nurse taking her driving theory test online with a reading aid to help her dyslexia – it all counts as e-learning." DfES, 2005 Your perspective? : Your perspective? Refer to your institutional, local, regional or national strategy and identify the current definition of e-learning. menu Models and approaches : Models and approaches Maturing of e-learning : Maturing of e-learning Replacement for f2f Connected community Cost reduction Isolated, individual Learners Automated guidance 1 way communication Asynchronous Added value Human guidance 2 way interaction Synchronous & Asynchronous Blended Technology-driven learning Technology-enhanced learning Vocational education model : Vocational education model Slide 17: Design for learning model Berlanga & Ryan, 2005 Learning activity model : Learning activity model Oliver, R. (1999) Instructivist v constructivist : Instructivist v constructivist Instructivist Constructivist Ryan & Walker, 2003 menu Concerns, benefits and issues : Concerns, benefits and issues Concerns of teachers … : Concerns of teachers … Experience of online delivery. Knowledge of available online tools. Ability to understand the difficulties of new users. Balancing an understanding of the potentiality of technology with the right training and development fit for the changing working and competitive environment. It is also important to de-mystify the whole domain so as to allow less "technologically oriented" people to take full advantage of such learning. Pedagogical and technical expertise and skills in designing and delivering eLearning. What concerns you? : What concerns you? In preparation for stage 2 of this learning event you need to reflect on what concerns you about getting started with e-learning? Benefits : Benefits Enrich the learning experiences of students Improve teaching methods and standards Facilitate better management practices; and Assist in the development of a more IT-literate society. Benefits : Benefits On-line repository of materials that are easily accessed and updated Opportunities to reach global markets Supports a wide range of pedagogical models Improves access and widens participation Issues : Issues Time is required to explore new ways of teaching, revise curricula and to select/develop new materials Working on-line is very different to teaching f2f requiring the acquisition of new skills including ICT Some students and institutions may be resistant to change menu Impact of e-learning on the future : Impact of e-learning on the future Impact : Impact “e-learning is an emerging concept in a constant state of change. As models of and approaches to using ICT in learning, teaching and training change so too must the range and blend of skills leading to new competences.” eTTNet, Rome (2004) Impact : Impact mode of access to learning and training nature of the materials that will be used to provide the experience role of the tutor in supporting the learning process The future? : The future? References & Resources In preparation for later stages in this learning event you need to consider why you want to begin to use e-learning? menu References / Resources : References / Resources European Commission (2001) The e Learning Action Plan Designing tomorrow’s education accessed on 11/02/2006 e-Learning Centre: e-Learning in Europe accessed on 11/02/2006 Kerr, J.F. (1968) Changing the curriculum. Univ. of London Press Oliver, R. (1999). Exploring strategies for online teaching and learning. Distance Education, 20(2), 240-254. Ryan, M & Walker, S. (2003) Experimenting with and analysing approaches to eLearning within a staff development context. ED-MEDIA and ED-TELECOM 2003 Proceedings, Hawaii, USA. menu

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