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Published on May 6, 2018

Author: ahmadkhadem


1. ITCOSmall scale power plant executive GetmoreempoweredwithITCO ITCO

2. ITCO(IranianTurbineCompany)startedwritinghis history in 2011 and was founded on knowledge-basis Company which it has been approved by Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology. ITCO is owned by IDRO with 49% and PADICO with 51% shares. IDRO being the main hand of power for the indus- try minister of Iran. IDRO concentrates on an over- view of previous performance aiming to operational- ize the development plans as well as to continue the trend of industrial investment within the framework of laws and regulations. PADICO owns many aviation related companies and is considered one of the few private aircraft manu- facturing organizations in Iran. ITCO is in vendor list of the National Iranian Oil Company (OIL) and it has been announced that ITCO is one of the first manufacturers of 1 to 5 MW turbines and is the second largest and most reliable company in the production of turbines. ITCO INTRODUCTION

3. OPS-2500 portable power plant in the di- mensions of a trailer, designed to the sup- ply of electrical energy to units that are far from the national electricity grid and power supplies, or power supply to indus- trial and residential units at the peak of consumption or power failure and other emergency cases. Engineering Consulting S e r v i c e s ITCO Mobile powerplant ITCO, with experience in the construction of gas power plants (Reciprocat- ing motors), provides the following services in the area of small scale power generation licenses: 1- Preparation of the technical and financial justification of the power plant to be provided to banks and financial institutions for obtaining loans and financing. 2- Preparation and presentation of a preliminary feasibility study for the installation of CHP at the same time for heating and cooling utilizations. 3- Obtaining an agreement on the construction of Power Plant from Regional Distribution and Electricity Company. 4- Getting technical approval of the CHP project from the Technical Center for Small Scale Generators. 5- Preparation of power plant connection to power grid and obtaining network connection confirmation from Region- al Distribution and Electricity Company. 6- Obtaining permit for the construction of a power plant, preparing and arranging a guaranteed power purchase contract with Regional Distribution and Electricity Company. 7- Getting technical environmental approval. ITCO, with experience in purchasing and constructing a complete 8 megawatt gas power plant (Reciprocating en- gines), provides the following services in the field of equipment supply and power plant investment: 1- Advice on financing the project and obtaining domestic and foreign loans. 2- Procurement with the best price from the trusted Brands. 3- Investment and partnership in the field of power plant. 4- Getting financing and introducing financer. 8 MW Gas Power Plants - Esfahan

4. ITCO is a provider of the following services in the design, installation and commissioning of gas generators (Gas Engine and Turbine): • Internal design of the power plant. • Design of power plant plan based on selective equipment. • Architectural and structural design. • Provide the final design of the heat recovery system. • Consultation on the CHP piping system design. • The final design of how to connect generators and transformers. • Provide layout for generators and transformers and power boards. • Design of low voltage compression cable (from generator to synchronous panel and transformer) • Design of low-current cabling, control and protection. • Synchronous panel design. • Medium-current cable design. • Design of Medium-current power boards. • Design of busbar system and switch gear. • Switching substation design, protective and measurement power boards. • Provide a single-line diagram including protection system. • Provide technical specifications for required relay protection. • Provide conceptual model and determine the level of internal monitoring and control of the power plant. • Provide SCADA conceptual model. • Determine the main specifications of the equipment required by SCADA in coordination with Regional Distribution and Electricity Company. • Presentation of the control system and CHP accurate tools. • Design of public and protection facilities. • Designing a public electrification system. • Designing an emergency power system. • Fire system design. • Design of gas supply system. Technical and Engineering services ITCO

5. With the expertise and technical knowledge of skilled and experienced personnel, ITCO is ready to provide services in the field of licensing, design and construction of solar, wind power plants and new energies (biomass, geothermal, heat losses recovery, etc.). 1- Initial design and obtaining permission for the initial construc- tion of the wind and solar power plant. 2- Implement and prepare a plan for connecting the solar and wind power network and obtaining a connection to the network. 3- Provision of a contract for the purchase of solar and wind power. 4- Design and installation of solar and wind power plants, including: 4-1- wind power plant • The study of the principles of wind power plants and technology of wind turbines. •Preliminary study of wind regime in windy areas and performing micrositing using Sana wind data and preparation of feasibility reports. •Supervising the installation and commissioning of anemometer towers in information stations and analyzing them on a daily basis. •Wind power micrositing and providing final reports on economic feasibility. 4-2- solar power plant •Elementary modeling and general architecture of a solar power plant and characteristic of voltage-current of the cell undertemperatureandvariableradiationintensity. •Training how to arrange and connect series / parallel arrays according to the characteristics of the inverter and the types of arrangements available to select inverters. •Modeling of Solar Cells and Inverters in DIgSILENT and PV Syst power flow and Short Circuit Studies. •How to protect and select the Circuit breaker / relay / fuse on both sides of the DC and AC and to make the protec- tion settings and coordinate between them. •Performing harmonic measurements and providing a practical solution for reducing harmonics and losses. •Ground system studies and all sorts of groupings for Trans solar power plant and its optimal selection. •ModelingofvarioustypesofshadingmodesonpanelsandphenomenasuchasPIDandLIDandtheirreductionstrategy. •Panel efficiency by taking shadow and hotspot shadow effects, calculating PID and LID, and physical design. •Calculate the dimensions and number of stacker panels and how to install. •Calculate the type and number of trackers for panels if needed. •Calculate and determine the final price of solar equipment, installation and commissioning costs.

6. Presence in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries Based on the experience and technical knowledge of our experienced and skilled personnel, ITCO is ready to provide the following services. Engineering consulting and construction in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, design and implementation of transmission lines and structures, including technical and economic studies, designing and detailed engineering, procurement services, construction, surveillance services workshop on installation and building, superior supervision, inspection of installations and machinery, export and import of allowable goods, are the following activities: • Designing air conditioning systems (HVAC) of Oil platforms, refineries, petrochemicals, power plants and office complexes. • Design of pipelines with stress analysis and support of Oil, Petrochemicals and industrial installations. • Designing all the accurate tools systems for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and power plants. • Design of all electrical systems in the field of Oil, Gas, Petroc hemical and power plants. • Design of all structural systems in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and power plants. • Design of gas pressure boost station projects. • Preparation of technical proposal in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals projects. • Engineering services in the fields of plumbing, mechanics, electricity, safety accurate instruments.

7. M AN Catterpillar W artsila M TU D eutzM W M D IgSILEN T Th erm o Flow PV Syst Etap Catia PD M S SolidW ork Jenbacher ITCO, based on the scientific ca- pabilities of its experts and wide- spread technical, engineering and financial capabilities, has been able to directly and effectively communicate with the most pres- tigious international companies producing gas engine motors and couplers, with obtaining Memo- randums of Mutual Cooperation and direct support from these companies in the country and the Middle East. International Network Engineering Software ITCO is active in the design, technical production and quali- ty control services and uses spe- cialized software for consulting, design, installation and com- missioning projects. Chrism arine

8. (‫)دانش بنیان‬ IRANIANPOWERDEVELOPMENT TURBINE COMPANY (PJS) ITCO IRANIANPOWERDEVELOPMENT TURBINE COMPANY (PJS) ITCO Contact us 5th floor Ario ekbatan building, Nafisi Blv, Ekbatan Town, Tehran + 9 8 - 2 1 - 4 4 6 9 9 1 2 0 - 2 + 9 8 - 2 1 - 4 4 6 9 5 0 5 4

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