Itchy Eyes- Know the Possible Causes and Treatments

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Information about Itchy Eyes- Know the Possible Causes and Treatments

Published on October 30, 2020

Author: eyecareassociate


slide 1: Itchy Eyes Know the Possible Causes and Treatments Any kind of itching in the eyes can be extremely painful and troublesome. There could be many reasons behind the irritation in the eyes. It is always better to consult an eye care specialist and not try treating yourself on your own. If your eyes are red and itchy there could be following conditions to blame for it. Eye Allergies Allergies are a way of our eyes telling us when something unwanted is affecting them. It could be pollens pet hair or even due to seasonal changes. Eye allergies cause watery eyes and irritation which can lead to tremendous discomfort. It blurs the vision and interrupts daily activities. Remedy: Rinsing your eyes with clean water or anti-histamine and anti-allergy pills can help. Dry Eye Syndrome This is caused due to dysfunctional tear syndrome when there isn’t proper balance of water oil and mucus in the tears to keep the cornea of the eyes well lubricated and clean. The dryness in eyes can cause burning pain gritty feeling and blurred vision. Remedy: Artificial tear solutions are available in drugstores to make the eyes wet for lubrication. Conjunctivitis Pink Eye Inflammation in the conjunctiva turns the eyes red. It can be caused by a virus bacteria or fungi and is contagious. It irritates the lining of the front of the eye and leads to swollen eyelids and secretion of mucus that forms a crust. Remedy: OTC eye drops or antibiotics are recommended depending on the cause of infection. Looking for treatments for irritated eyes in Miami Get in touch with Florida Eye Care Associates and get treated by the best eye doctor in Miami.

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