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Published on February 3, 2014

Author: deniselarangeira



Slide about idioms

Food Idioms

A challenge: What’s the idiom?

To test your memory: What’s the idiom with the word... Potato? Egg? Cheese? Apple? Grapes? Cookie? Milk?

1. Susan always follows her plans. She is a very determined person. Susan is a tough cookie. 2. Peter was interviewed by the most influential person of the company. Peter was interviewed by the big cheese himself.

3. Jane doesn’t go out much. She prefers to stay home watching TV. Jane is a couch potato. 4. Tim is always having problems with his boss and colleagues at the office. Tim is a bad apple. 5. John studies hard and he always gets good marks. He’s a very studious person. John is an egg head.

6. When I showed Sue my brand new car, she gave it an envy look and pretended she didn’t like it. Sue is like sour grapes. 7. Jim didn’t study enough, so he didn’t pass. Now he’s crying because he’ll have to repeat the whole year. His mother told him: “It’s no use crying over spilled milk.” Teacher: Denise Larangeira

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