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Published on December 20, 2012

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SPSU IT 4983 Capstone Project Report 2012-2013

IT 4983 Capstone Project Report2012-2013Jack G. ZhengApril 26, 2013

IT 4983 Overview• Course Description– Students work in teams to develop a real-world IT application integrating the knowledge acquired inpreceding IT courses. Components that are emphasized include innovative design, effectivedocumentation, good project management, leadership and communication skills. The final result will be asolution for a typical IT application such as networking or Web applications evaluated by facultymembers and/or Industrial Advisory Board members.• Course objectives– The focusing goal of this course is to create value (both business value and personal value) throughtechnology. The course brings together teams of senior students in Information Technology to addresscomplex challenges and identify new opportunities for information technology professionals. Inmeasuring your progress toward the BSIT degree, we will take a look backward to assess what you haveaccomplished, and will take a look ahead and project what you will have to offer as an IT professional inthe global, real-time, real-world enterprise. As part of the capstone project, you will create anemployability skills portfolio that will add value to your applications for jobs and/or graduate school. Thecourse objectives include the following:• Prepare you to assist in designing and proposing IT solutions to business needs that will support the enterprise’spresent and future competitive advantage.• Prompt you to assess what you have learned and produce a career portfolio to demonstrate your competence.• Enhance your ability to function as a leader and effective IT professional.• Learning Outcomes:– Create value-added deliverables in the following three categories:– Business-Value: Be able to apply core IT concepts, best practices and standards to business needs tocreate a technology solution or report.– Personal-Value: Produce a career portfolio for use in employment or graduate applications.– Degree-Value: Be able to assess the key knowledge and skills throughout the BSIT degree program andthe ability to articulate their relevance to career goals.

IT 4983 2012-2013 Highlights• 48 students registered• 13 capstone projects (4 external projects)• Formal presentation day to thedepartment/school and industry advisory boardmembers at the end of the semester• Poster sessions were organized before formalpresentations• Students used LinkedIn to create their careerportfolios/profiles• Started the "SPSU IT Graduates" LinkedIngroup in fall 2012.

LinkedIn Career Profile• Students used LinkedIn to create their careerportfolios/profiles• LinkedIn offers a great platform for– dynamic profile building– networking– professional development– career opportunities

• Goals– Prepare upcoming graduates of the ITdepartment to network with SPSU ITalumni and IT professionals– Build an online community for SPSU ITalumni, faculty, advisors, and guests– Discuss IT career related issues,concerns, ideas, and trends– Discuss IT education, particularly post-baccalaureate education and life longlearningSPSU IT Graduates Group

Poster Session – Fall 2012

Poster Session – Spring 2013

Capstone Project SummaryProject name Brief Description Project Sponsor/OwnerLync Implementing MS Lync for CSE internal communication andcollaboration.Ronald Sweatland, CSE LabOpenfire Implementing Openfire/Spark open source suite as an alternative ofLync for CSE internal communication.Ronald Sweatland, CSE LabThinApp Implementing VMWare ThinApp for CSE application virtualization. Ronald Sweatland, CSE LabHawkeye Developing a solution for managing and viewing captured videosand images from camera terminals.Josh Strange, PrivateSharePoint Implementing and developing an internet portal for CSE based onMS SharePointJack Zheng, ITWeb analytics Developing reports and dashboards for SPSU/CSE website trafficdata using Google Analytics.Jack Zheng, ITCyber threat 1 Analyzing and reporting cyber threat incidents for the state ofGeorgia. Recommending report improvements.Walter Tong, IAB, GA Tech AuthorityCyber threat 2 Analyzing and reporting cyber threat incidents for the state ofGeorgia. Developing a database/web solution.Walter Tong, IAB, GA Tech AuthorityARN 1 & 2 Analyzing and designing SPSU Academic Research Network. Sam Conn, CIO, SPSUICS Developing and implementing an internet portal for InternationalCommunity School using WordPress.Charlesha Mitchell, IT Manager, ICSSitex Developing a FireFox addon to implement the concept of browserintegrated navigation system.Jack Zheng, ITTheNest Designing the new website for the CSE lab to be ADA compliant andmobile friendly based on Twitter Bootstrap.Ronald Sweatland, CSE Lab

Lync• Overview– CSE needs a unified communication and collaboration system thatsupports instant messaging, voice, video and app sharing, forinternal communication and support e-learning. The student teamwill build a full network test environment. They will then researchand implement the Lync software on the server and client side aswell as other devices.• Major work and outcomes– Research and implement an internal communication andcollaboration solution based on Microsoft Lync server and client.– Integrate with CSE active directory and Windows integratedauthentication– Implement clients on mobile devices such as iPad.– Demonstrate scenarios involving functionalities such as IM, voice,video conferencing, etc.– Integrate with Outlook/Exchange for additional features likemessage log.

Openfire• Overview– CSE needs a communication and collaboration system thatsupports instant messaging, voice, video and app sharing, forinternal communication. One choice is Microsoft Lync, but CSE alsowants to evaluate an open source alternative. In this project, thestudent team will research and implement the Openfire/Sparksystem and related plugins to meet the requirements. They will alsocompare the solution to Microsoft Lync and make arecommendation.• Major work and outcomes– Research and learn about XMPP and its implementations in opensource products.– Research and implement Openfire/Spark (or other clients such asJabber) solution in a test environment for communicationfunctionalities such as IM, voice, video chat, etc.– Integration with CSE active directory.– Explore various administration and configuration options.– Compare with Microsoft Lync and make a recommendation to CSE.

ThinApp• Overview– CSE is moving to a virtual environment for hardwareas well as software. Students will research theVMWare ThinApp technology and implement it in atest environment. They will need to researchvirtualization and build a basic virtual network.• Major work and outcomes– Research and implement the ThinApp technology– Build a test environment with a given list of software– Present a virtual machine that can pull ThinAppsfrom a repository

Hawkeye• Overview– The Hawkeye Terminal is a small detection and surveillance systemthat is remotely deployed to monitor sites of interest to customerswho purchase and install the terminals. The terminal includes acamera for the capture of both still images and video. This captureis normally enabled only when a potential target is in the camerafield-of-view as detected by one of the motion sensors. Capturedimages and video are transferred to the website and are accessibleto surveillance personnel.– The website will need a Data Base Management System (DBMS) tomaintain data for customers, Hawkeye terminals, subscriptions,configuration data, and other items.• Major work and outcomes– Develop web services to transfer files from the Terminal to thewebsite and index them in a database.– Develop a website with features include the operating database,customer logon, customer Terminal browsing, customer Terminalselection, surveillance event browsing, and download/streaming ofevent media to a customer computer.

SharePoint• Overview– CSE needs an intranet portal that provides unified access toinformation and applications to faculty, staff, and students. MicrosoftSharePoint is tested in this project. The portal will provide aframework for future CSE application development (such as classwait list, BI, project management, document sharing, etc.).• Major work and outcomes– Implement SharePoint server on Windows server, together with SQLServer.– Integrate with the school active directory for authentication service.– Configure the Windows integrated authentication.– Customize the intranet with CSE style.– Develop major applications• Document management, calendar, discussion board, directory, survey, etc.

Web Analytics• Overview– SPSU’s new website uses Google Analytics to record web usage.We have a lot of usage data but did not really make use of them. Inthis project, we are going to analyze the usage data related to CSEwebsites (CSE, CS, IT, etc.) to understand visitors and possiblyrecommend web site improvements.• Major work and outcomes– Analyze Google Analytics data for CSE web sites– Discover and report notable facts and trends, and analyze theproblem, cause and impact, based on your expertise and projectowners’ requirements– Recommend CSE website improvements based on the analysis– Build custom reports and dashboard for CSE using GoogleAnalytics, based on your analysis and project owners’ requests– Recommend possible Google Analytics settings and configurations

Cyber Threat 1 and 2• Overview– In this project, students are working with the Office of InformationSecurity, Georgia Technology Authority. The team will assist in theimplementation and performance of activities related to cybersecurity, cybercrime support, and cyber terrorism analysis as part ofthe State’s responsibilities under the US Dept. of HomelandSecurity, National Cyber Incident Response Plan of 2010.• Major work and outcomes– Performs collection, analysis and dissemination of informationrelative to cyber threats, cyber-attacks of a terrorist or criminalnature within and against the State of Georgia, its citizens, orinfrastructure– Performs research and collect information through open sources– Develop or employ an analysis framework and build a database tostore incidents and threats data– Produce a monthly report for the month of November– Improve the report with quantitative data and various visualizations– Develop a web application to access and manage the data

ARN 1 and 2• Overview– Southern Polytechnic State University 3-year Master Plancalls for an Academic Research Network (ARN). Following asystem development life-cycle (SDLC), students willparticipate in planning and design of a discrete network forthe academic purposes of technology testing,experimentation, and academic research.• Major work and outcomes– Participate in the planning of the ARN initiative– Construct a Statement of Work (SOW) and Work BreakdownStructure (WBS) in accordance with SDLC practices– Design the physical layout of the ARN host facilities– Design first phase of logical topology of the ARN– Develop a capability and best practices manual for academicuse of the ARN

ICS• Overview– International Community School is planning an intranet site basedon an open source CMS that will allow exclusive content to certainusers: parent-level access (limited to read only), teacher level (edittheir own websites, add content), super admin (all access, extraprivileges to delete sites, or add more users). The Intranet will takeall the school’s existing online resources (training videos, how-toguides, Google sites, etc.). Students will also design a couple ofstandard templates for teachers to flesh out with content: media(embedded videos), homework assignments, announcements toparents, etc.• Major work and outcomes– Develop and implement the intranet portal using an open sourceCMS: WordPress.– Configure the internet for proper access control.– Customize the intranet with the ICS style.– Document the design and coding.– Write user manuals for admin, teachers, and parents.

Sitex• Overview– Sitemap Explorer is a browser add-on to supportconsistent web navigation based on the concept ofclient side browser integrated navigation. This is aresearch type project and students will help todevelop and evaluate the program. Students workedwith the principal investigator (the instructor) closely.• Major work and outcomes– Develop an add-on for Firefox to support webnavigation.– Develop a sitemap protocol to describe websitestructure information using XML.– Develop various user interaction features using thebackend service

The Nest• Overview– The new website looks snazzy butsome complain that it’s difficult to navigate and it needs to be ADAcompliant (and complete). The student team will redesign the CSEwebsite and substructure to be easy to navigate and be ADAcompliant. The student team will also make a mobile friendly sitethat complements. This also includes a database that storesinformation.– This is a special pilot project in which students will practice onlinecollaboration without face-to-face meetings. This project is good forstudents who have difficult time to come to campus and with a tightschedule, but requires significant communication commitment.• Major work and expected outcomes– Redesign the website to be easy to navigate.– Use a UI framework Twitter Bootstrap as the basis for responsivedesign.– Investigate and implement ADA rules for the website.– Complete all major content for the website.

More Information• IT Capstone Course Information––• IT Capstone report 2012-2013–• LinkedIn Group–• School–• IT department–

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