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Published on January 18, 2009

Author: dhanveerassociates



My personal expereicne after the Mumbai terror attacks 2008... I am a changed man just like so many other fellow citizens..... Please read and do mail me ur comments and your suggestions are always welcome....

It was 11:00 p.m. and I was late yet again while returning home from the office. My son, Sonu, is 6 now, was waiting for me at the gate, Papa jaise mai aapka accha baccha hun, aap mere acche bacchey kyun nahi bante ho, ghar jaldi aaya karo na. I said sorry Sonu, kal se pakka mai aapka accha baccha banunga. I was hungry, as I was having my dinner; Sonu said Papa aj bhi Tarak Mehta mein na purana episode dikhaya. We entered the bedroom after the dinner, soni (my wife) switched on the TV set and the NDTV was flashing Breaking News. I told soni to switch off the television set, as even a white goat giving birth to a black doeling was breaking news for all the news channels. But as it was Taj and Mumbai, she said, something has happened in Mumbai. As an Ex-Mumbaikar, I just became curious so as what had happened, I was amazed to notice that every news channel had same news and Mr. Hemant Karkare was on the TV screen, He along with Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar had already lost their battle with the terrorists. I was helpless and could not do much, just sat in front of the television set and watched one after another after another news channel. By the time we realized it was to big, it was too late as well. Central govt. had dispatched the first battalion of NSG commandoes from New Delhi to Mumbai, since the NSG commandoes were busy protecting the politicians, imp. Personalities etc. it took some 9 hrs for them to reach Mumbai. Till then Mumbai police, the Navy, Volunteers tried their best to fight against the terrorists, unaware of the kind of hardcore preparation they had gone through. It was a brilliant individual show put up by all our agencies against the terrorists. In the meantime some 120 citizens of India had already lost their lives and some 400 people especially foreign tourists were held hostage by the terrorists at The Taj, The Trident, Nariman house and The Oberoi. Excellent execution and co-ordination showed by the terrorists. Shows how organized they were. I went to the washroom and ran back to my room, was amazed that no ads were aired during this time, in any of the news channels. It was 6 in the morning by then, and the thak thak thak noise from the mike of Gurudwara sahib made me realize that my eyes were wet now. Sonu was asleep, so was soni. I kissed them on their cheek one by one, a gesture to show my love to both of them, I cried as I kissed them, with a thought that we were not one of the victims at JJ Hospital, CST station, The Oberoi, The Taj and The Trident. My teardrop made sure Soni grabbed my palm and said, so jaao ab. By the way I am talking about 26th Nov’2008 the day terrorists ransacked Mumbai (spirit as well).

Soni made sure Sonu was ready by 8:15 a.m. as the autowala would honk his horn to pickup Sonu. He has to pickup some 5 more children on the way to the school. I hurriedly got out of my cozy bed at 9:00 a.m. and switched on the television set, more NSG commandoes were landing the rooftop of the Nariman House via helicopter, just as we see in the military training camps. I got ready and had to rush to the office, a routine for me. Monday thru’ Saturday. I could not concentrate my mind on work. Was glued to and for live tv. I called up my home at 12:30 p.m. to know the lunch menu, a gesture to make sure she was safe. called up again at 2:30 to confirm if Sonu had reached home safely. That day I wanted to spend rest of my evening at home, so returned home early. I said, Sonu, maine kaha tha na mai aapka accha baccha banunga. The political activity was visible by now, responsibilities, accountabilities, blah blah and blah were on all news channels. The opposition had already had an advertisement in a leading newspaper in New Delhi saying, the ruling party was a failure and it was the appropriate time to change the govt. of Delhi. By then NSG commandoes were fighting the battle and Mumbai had transformed into battlefield. Firing, bombing, etc. were at full swing. By God’s grace most of the hostages were freed by then, but the historic masterpiece was under threat. The terrorists had a clear mindset to blow the Taj, but our real heros,The NSG, The Mumbai police, The Fire Fighting team, The Volunteers and The Journalists (ironically) on site had saved the Taj. Oberai battle had been won, some 50 more casualties taking the toll upto 150 +. Blood all over in the restaurant, as if there had been a stampede. I had just finished my cup of tea. Moshe was on screen, unaware that his mom and dad were no more to listen to his мать (mother) and отец (father) (Russian; widely spoken language in Israel). Moshe was not aware that entire Isreal was at shock, and that the terrorists feared if Israelis took over the security of Nariman House, things would be different. So they decided to kill the hostages at Nariman house on priority. Another casualties at The Taj, Major Unnikrishnan a young and a vibrant man, as is apparent from his Orkut profile, and Major Gajendra from Uttaranchal. Sonu says, papa ye kya marathi thay jo Mumbai mein mumbaiwalon ko bachane gaye? It took some 60 hrs. for us to gain control over Mumbai, which had been raped yet again, the glamour city, the model city, was wounded, She needed the extra special care and support so that she would come to her real self once again. She refused this time, agitations, rallies, protests all around Mumbai. Mumbaikar’s (an

Indian as well) spirit was crushed. Papa POGO lagaao na, Sonu shouted at me, I switched to POGO and Sonu was smiling. Will Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s parents ever be able to see their son smiling? Will Major Gajendra’s children, ever be able to talk to their father? and all those Martyr’s who lost their lives saving us, would be remembered as Martyr’s and their sacrifice go in vain? Next morning it was routine as usual for Sonu, Soni and me. Ministers resigned, some refused to resign and there were some filthy comments from both side’s leaders and Janta as well. Later some ministers said sorry, some visited Martyr’s residences so as to gain publicity, though we cannot rule out genuineness in some cases, they were afraid to loose their GADDI. There was a major overhaul in both the ministries, Central and Maharastra. We the citizens of India are to blame ourselves, who select these leaders and later criticize them for not performing their duties well. If a person is given some duties, which he is not capable of and does not even have the tendency to upgrade him, how can we expect him to perform at his best during the time of crisis? let alone normal circumstances. Issues: - We all want to change the system, nobody wants to change himself…. let us ask ourselves We are not even aware of our fundamental rights. We bribe even when we are not at fault. Do we have the guts to change the system Americans might be safe in the US, but their safety in South East Asia is still in question. Are we ready to combat the terrorism and play safe? The manner in which they had mock drilled the entire operation, do we ever practice with such dedication? Are the security agencies responsible for our security? Is it not each and every citizen’s duty to protect himself, his family, the fellow citizens. Can we make sure that the public representatives have responsibilities and if they under perform, they ought to answer? Can we ensure safety of all and live a life carefree? Is this Gandhi Ji’s, Subhas Chandra Bose’s, Bhagat Singh’s India? Jaago India Jaago o The list is never ending……… Questions toh hain….. sabke paas…. Solution kya hai???

With my little experience, I have gathered bits and pieces from here and there and come up with a security plan for the entire nation. Remember Rome was not built in a day. We need to act and act fast. Let us utilize the sunlight before it sets and we need not wait for tomorrow. Because once the engine gets started, things will start moving automatically. With the support of the media I want to ensure that the public is aware what is possible and what we are capable to achieving. If we can have mobile coverage across India, we can ensure safety of public and heritage at all times pan India. Lets pull up our bootstraps and make things a little difficult for the terrorists. Let them know that we are hard nuts to obtain, forget cracking the same. I want to share my views Please contact me on my email or mobile to have the plan in detail that I surely want to share with one and all, and I trust Indian media is going to help me and support me in this help the cause. Jasvinder Singh, 710, New Sitaramdera, St. Mile Road, P. O. Agrico, Jamshedpur – 831 009 Contact No.: - +919334046761 Email: -

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