It´s a very exciting city?

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Published on July 8, 2008

Author: lucymadriz26


Slide 1: My home city is Maracaibo, venezuela, my city is very big and has some very interesting sites, is one of the main bridge over the lake one of the world's largest, is very beautiful as we can see from the photos, can be seen from afar and at night is a spectacle of lights. What`s your city like? I love my city... Slide 2: The Basílica of Chiquinquirá ONE of the main streets My city is beautiful and clean places like these, The square Simón Bolívar, The republic, Good Master, Flags, the square angel, and the bullring one of the biggest in the world, its streets are colorful and Tradicional food is very good, is cheap and there are luxurious five-star hotels, have special means of transport for tourists as tram and carriages and in my city makes a lot of heat ... Slide 3: This is the city of Merida, Venezuela, is my favorite city in my country, is a city with many interesting sites and very beautiful, has seats, has a pleasant atmosphere, long cold, has spectacular mountains, and everything is cheap Nuy is a handicraft made by its people who are very cordial and very pretty educated, I love the city of Merida .. Slide 4: My favorite city in the world is Paris, yet I have not traveled, but I would like to do some day, is an interesting city is very big and very beautiful, I love the Eifel Tower is impressive and night is a spectacle of lights, is very clean, and it is very expensive and does not make as much heat in my city.

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