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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: lgerdine



Workshop on improving volunteer communication for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts 2013 Leadership Conference. Based on best practices in marketing communication, including the why framework, target audience profiling, communications planning framework and e-mail best practices.

It’s a Jungle Out There! Making Your Service Unit Communications Gorilla Worthy September 7, 2013 Laurel Gerdine Chief Gorilla Take3 LLC (And fellow Girl Scout SU Leader….)

Objectives • Learn how to improve your service unit communications • Walk out with a communications commitment

Agenda • Intros • Elements of Success • Know Yourself • Know Your Audience • Know Your Content – 7 Rules of Highly Effective Communications – Picking Your Battles • Wrap Up

Elements of Success • Divide into groups of 3-4 • Each person: What is the MOST successful SU communication you have ever seen? • Group: What made it successful? • Timing: 10 minutes

Know Yourself "we don't ever want to use a voice that's not authentic" can I get that made into throw pillow? #raganinternalcomms

Know Yourself: The “Why”

Know Yourself Apple: We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently We do that through beautiful design and simplicity to use In order to make computers… Laurel: I am passionate about helping you grow as a leader and as a person Which I do by excellence in problem-solving, experimenting, executing and communicating In order to run my Girl Scout service unit What’s Your WHY? What How Why

Basic Communications Framework • Who: Target Audience • What: Content and “Campaigns” • When: Timing and frequency • Where: Channels • How: Tone! • Why: Objective and Goal – Call to Action

Know Your Audience Why know your audience? It’s all about the results…..

Know Your Audience The more you know about your target market, the smarter you will be in developing communications strategies and tactics that work

Know Your Audience Potential Girl Scout adult volunteer “target” groups: Enthusiast Core Unaware/Newbie It’s all about the results…..

Know Your Audience Time to Put on Your Volunteer Hat! Directions • Break into groups of 3-4 • Get target segment card • Draw 5-10 pictures that represent your volunteer • Include important basics about her (or possibly him), motivations, challenges, volunteer role and how and where she prefers to communicate • Be your volunteer: Appoint one of your group to BE your volunteer and tell her story in her voice • Timing: 10-15 minutes then share with group

Know Your Audience National Profile of Adults in Girl Scouting, GSUSA, 1997

Know Your Audience Same and different? What did we learn? What does this mean for our communications?

Rule #1: A little planning goes a LONG way Rule #2: Pick your battles Rule #3: Spend time on the message Rule #4: People have to see something (at least) 3 times Rule #5: Good communication takes time and consistency. See #2. Rule #6: Give your communication personality and people will read it Rule #7: If it doesn’t work, try something different

Know Your Content • Rule #1: A little planning…. –“Campaign” –Purpose –Audience –Timing –Channel –Measurement

Know Your Content • But…don’t forget Rule #2 pick your battles…… What are your “battles”?

Battle #1: Cookies Cookies Cookies Campaign Cookies - Cookie training - Cookie kick off - Cookie booth sales coordination - Cookie sales support - Cookie order entry and support - Cookie distribution - Cookie awards Audience New volunteers especially cookie parents, not enthusiasts Purpose To inform and support volunteers during the cookie season. Decrease repeat questions and frustration level in volunteers, especially new ones Timing Begin early November, end in March Channel Push - Email (biweekly - all leaders and cookie divas) Pull – Website (biweekly updates, forms and instructions, plus booth sales sign ups) Email box for questions Service unit meetings Measure Qual feedback, e-mail response, general level of confusion, how many people access website EXAMPLE You can do BETTER!

• Concord Carlisle’s “Cookie Connection” • Promote GSEM content associated with all things cookie • ONE place for ALL things cookie • EASY for BUSY volunteers Battle #1: Cookies Cookies Cookies • =

• Plus a new feature – sign up for and view booth sales right here • Make it even easier • Rules and process all in one place • Results: Less time to manage booth sales for service unit and more booth sales overall! Battle #1: Cookies Cookies Cookies

Office workers spend an average of 2.6hours per day reading and answering emails, according to a survey conducted by McKinsey Global Institute. That adds up to about 27days per year. 648 hours that could be spent doing something else. What would YOU do with 648hours?

Battle #1a: Cookie Help! • Excitement + Appreciation + Humor = COOKIE HELP • Results: Recruited 8 member cookie team in 2 weeks!

• Make it personal • Acknowledge the obstacles and the benefits • Results: Monthly meetings attended by 10-20%of the volunteer base. • Steady attendance and growing base of “Enthusiasts.” Battle #2: Service Unit Meeting Attendance

Email #1 Email #2 Email #3 Results: Over 50% of troops completed (upward trend!) Battle #3: Troop Financial Reports

Know Your Content Let’s Plan It! Directions • Get your “plan alittle” template • Get your “battle” • Break into groups of 3-4 • Complete the plan – document your best practices, gaps and questions • Timing: 15 minutes • Share with group

“Plan Alittle” Template Instructions Campaign • Put your “battle” (or campaign) in here • Describe the elements or key messages of your battle Audience • Who is the primary target audience for your campaign? Purpose • What is the purpose of this campaign? • What behavior or result are you trying to drive? Timing • When will this start and end? Channel • What types of communications will you use? Measure • How will you know this has been successful?

“Plan Alittle” Template Campaign Audience Purpose Timing Channel Measure

Know Your Content Rule #3: Spend time on the message…. Remember the 4 C’s • Creative • Compelling • Conversational • Concise

Know Your Content

Some More Tips for E-mail SCFE – the self contained forwardable Email “If you send an e-mail to everyone, you send it to no one” – some wise person Think about the “fold” - put call to action (what you need them to DO) at the top Think about your subject line (be direct and action-oriented, include SU name)

Wrap Up #1 Make your communications commitment What: When: Why: How: Share with group!

Your Communications Commitment What (is your action to improve your Su communications) When (will you start and complete) Why (did you pick this and what is your objective) How (will it get done) Who (will be involved and/or help) Sign here

Wrap Up #2 What parts most useful? Least? Would you recommend this session to a friend?

Thank you!

Know Your Content Let’s get hands on…. Take a sample e-mail Does it “pass” the 4 C’s? Why? How could it be better?

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