It is Always Better to Recycle: The Health Impacts of Burning Used Tires

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Information about It is Always Better to Recycle: The Health Impacts of Burning Used Tires

Published on November 3, 2016

Author: Eleanor_Marsh


1. Western Tire Recyclers It is Always Better to Recycle: The Health Impacts of Burning Used Tires

2. In the United States, about two to three billion used tires are in landfills and stockpiles that pose continuing issues in disposal. One of the solutions to disposing of used tires is through burning, a process that could release toxic fumes. A study examined the air emitted by burning tires and their potential health effects. What Is in the Black Smoke? Dioxins are one of the worst cancer-causing agents, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). They also cause respiratory diseases and nervous system depression. The Environmental Protection Agencies warn that even a minute of exposure to dioxins may increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. Particulates are small pollutants or particles that are difficult for the lungs to filter out. They may cause skin and eye irritations and disruption of mucous membranes. The Risk of Mutagenicity A study analyzed emissions from burning tires through bioassay-directed fractionation. It evaluated possible airborne mutagens, concluding that its mutagenicity factor is greater than that of organic emissions such as oil, coal, and wood.

3. They said that exposure to the emission may pose danger in mutations of the genetic material. It may lead to miscarriages, birth defects, and problems in the cognitive and behavioral development of an unborn child. Leaded Tires from Leaded Gasoline Dr. Jerome Nriagu of the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health said that using leaded gasoline would cause older tires to contain high amounts of lead. According to him, burning these tires will bring the lead back to the environment as an airborne contamination or pollutant. WHO says that exposure to this toxic metal may cause profound health effects in the brain and nervous system development in young children. Other Suspected Effects Mercury and other heavy metals from the emissions also cause acid rains and contamination in the aquatic system. Fish and birds will be susceptible to the toxins; mammals, particularly humans, will accumulate the toxins by eating them.

4. Resources:   potential-solutions-science-memo    and-rubber-on-humans-and-global-warming/  Research also shows that the respiratory and other health problems caused by tire- burning emissions are likely to increase stress-related illnesses in people. Some institutions encourage using old tires in road and highway improvement. People and businessmen can resort to better ways of disposing of old tires while not compromising the health of the general population and the environment. There are even companies that use machinery to repurpose old tires and prevent the destruction of natural resources.

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