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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: shannonedgar

Source: slideshare.net

To the right is an image of my final movie poster in comparison to two other movie posters from the same genre. I think it is clear that I have tried my best to incorporate a lot of the typical codes and conventions often found within drama movie poster of today, as well as adding a few new elements in order to make my own stand out. MOVIE POSTER COMPARISONS

THE MAIN IMAGE I strongly believe that one of the most important features of a movie poster is the main image. It can often be one of the first things that catches the viewer’s eye, and so I kept this in mind when choosing this particular image as my own. Many posters today use a “still” from the trailer as the main image of their poster as a way of tying all media promotion products together. I thought this would be a good idea in terms of making sure the same atmosphere of the trailer follows through into the poster. I believe that the main image is effective as it highlights the two protagonists of the trailer, without throwing the actresses in the audience’s faces. I like how movie posters such as The Descendants and Up In The Air both feature George Clooney, but don’t use him as a tool in order to sell their movie. In both posters his face is not entirely visible, and so the movie companies are really counting on the idea of the movie to intrigue viewers as opposed to the A-List stars that feature in it. I was able to extend the top of the image using the Gradient Tool on Photoshop, which allowed me to almost extend the sky, giving me a lot of blank space to include the other codes and conventions found in movie posters. The image has a very calm feeling to it, which highlights the relaxed feel I would want the audience to feel when watching the movie. It makes the characters look very relatable through their casual clothes and laidback body language.

THE TITLE AND ACTORS’ NAMES At the top of my movie poster, I have included 3 names of actors that feature in my movie. Having analysed many existing movie posters, I found that the main characters’ real names feature along the top of movie poster, and those who don’t feature as often regularly have ‘and’ placed before their name. This is done in order to sell the poster to the viewers. A convention I chose to use was increasing the font size of the surnames of the actors, which is something often done today to emphasise further the famous names featuring in the movie. Surnames such as DiCaprio, Clooney and De Niro would often increase the sales of movies, and so the size of the don’t is often increased. I decided to place the title of the movie directly below the actors’ names so that it would catch the eye of viewers. I chose to keep the title in the same font that it was in my teaser trailer as a way of keeping a slight house style within my own media products. The typewriter-style font has a very personal feel, almost as if the movie is like a diary of the main character, which would encourage my target audience of teens and those in their early 20’s to view the film. I also used the Layer Style tab on Photoshop in order to create a drop shadow to make the title stand out against the plain white background.

BILLING BLOCK, RELEASE DATE AND SOCIAL NETWORKS On almost every movie poster I researched or analysed, they featured a billing block. This was definitely a convention I had to incorporate as I think it is one of the features we associate most with movie posters. However, I decided to challenge the generic convention of having the billing block at the very bottom of the poster by placing it underneath the title at the top of the page. I didn’t know whether this would pay off or just look out of place, but I think that it adds a unique element to an otherwise simple movie poster. I kept the colour of the font relatively light as I didn’t want the billing block to detract from the title or release date of the film. I then added the logo of my own production company at the end of the billing block, which therefore would promote the company and its other films. I then placed the release date underneath the billing block in a small, simple font as I didn’t want to throw it in the audiences’ faces. This is a convention I tried to challenge as well as I feel as though many movie posters have the font of the release date much too big on the poster, and so it can sometimes take away from the main image or movie title. I chose to add the logos of the social networks Facebook and Twitter along with the links to the movie’s own pages as a way of engaging my target audience of teens and those in their early 20’s and this is the age group that would avidly use these networks.

UNIQUE SELLING POINTS I tried to include two different USP’s in the final draft of my movie poster. The first was the words ‘based on the critically acclaimed novel’ which was placed directly underneath the title of the movie. Placing this here meant that many of those looking at the poster would instantly see this piece of text after reading the title. Having a film that has been based on a novel means that it may already be extremely popular, and so many people would already be familiar with the story. It could also suggest to the viewer that the film must be interesting if it had originally only been a book, yet the movie company felt that it was such a good storyline that it should be made into a movie. The second USP I chose to include was a quotation from The Independent, a very well respected and widely known newspaper which often reviews films. Having a good review from this newspaper would encourage the audience to go and see the film, as often the reviews are by well-known and hard to please critics. The quote itself highlights the dramatic genre of the movie, but tries to emphasise that it cam be laidback and light-hearted in places.

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