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Information about IT Automation with Puppet Enterprise

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: anoochit



IT Automation with Puppet Enterprise a shot workshop learn to deploy Puppet Enterprise and manage your IT with Pupppet Enterprise.

IT Automation with Puppet Enterprise Anuchit Chalothorn

What is Puppet Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud.

What is Puppet Enterprise? :

What do we need ? 1. Puppet Enterprise (Full) 2. Master Machine -> Puppet Master 3. Node(s) Machine -> Puppet Agent

Download Puppet Enterprise

Simple Architecture

Puppet Master (Master) ● Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 LTS ● OpenSSH Server + NTP and config time server ● Download PE match your OS & Arch ● Extract PE and Run installer script ./puppet-enterprise-installer

● Answer Questions Puppet Master (Master) cont. Install puppet master? [y/N] y Install PuppetDB and console on this node? [Y/n] y Install the cloud provisioner? [y/N] N

Puppet Master (Master) cont. Puppet master’s certname? [Default: master] Puppet master’s DNS aliases (comma-separated list)? [Default: master,puppet] Install the included Puppet Enterprise PostgreSQL server locally? [Y/n] Admin email address (will be used as account name) for accessing the console interface?

Puppet Master (Master) cont. Password for user (minimum 8 characters)? Install these packages automatically? [Y/n] y Perform installation? [Y/n] y now wait the installation process...

Puppet Master (Master) cont. After finish browse to PE master console ● Login with your email address ( ● and your PE password

Puppet Master (Master) cont.

Puppet Master (Master) cont.

Puppet Agent (Node1) ● Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 LTS ● OpenSSH Server + NTP and config time server ● Download PE match your OS & Arch ● Extract PE and Run installer script ./puppet-enterprise-installer

● Answer Questions Puppet Agent (Node1) cont. Install puppet master? [y/N] Install PuppetDB? [y/N] Install PuppetDB? [y/N]

Puppet Agent (Node1) cont. Install the console? [y/N] Install the cloud provisioner? [y/N] Install puppet agent? [Y/n] Install these packages automatically? [Y/n]

Puppet Agent (Node1) cont. Perform installation? [Y/n] now wait the installation process...

Test PE agent Puppet Agent (Node1) cont. puppet agent --test

Node request

Accept Node request

Refresh Node list page

Node1 detail

Live Management

Package search via Live Management

How Automate your Infra with PE ● Write your own Puppet module or download from Puppet Forge ● Add Class to PE ● Assign Class to node *OR* ● assign Class to Group then assign node to Group

Puppet Forge

Add some module eg; Apache ● Goto PE master ● List module puppet module install puppetlabs-apache puppet module list

Add Class with new Module

New Class added

Add new Group call WWW

Node1 detail



Package list

Browse to Node1 :)

Tips ● Add Group for your Classes ● Assign Node to that Group ● You will manage your Node with Group/Class easily

Future learning... ● Write your own module ● Share your module at the Puppet Forge! Module Fundamental :

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