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Published on March 25, 2008

Author: unitethegop


It all starts with We The People! : It all starts with We The People! People exercise political power by getting involved in the process of Government. This is typically done in the following ways: Joining political clubs. Perusing political websites or BLOGGING. Joining PAC’s and registering to VOTE. Writing editorials in newspapers. Calling in to radio talk shows. Supporting candidates who share your views. A more aggressive approach to influencing your Government : A more aggressive approach to influencing your Government Circulating ballot initiatives and petitions. Contacting local politicians and volunteering. Work with like minded groups on Resolutions. By getting involved in these activities you can actually influence Legislation and how your elected officials vote. The Immigration Bill is an excellent example of citizen action! Calling your Representatives and Senators. Expressing your views to them. Organizing a group to do the same. Assuming an active role in your Government : Assuming an active role in your Government Begin to work as a catalyst inside the groups or affiliations that you are a member of. Contact your Political Party and announce your desire to become a candidate or a delegate. If you make a decision to run for elected office be true to your ideals and morals. Always make honor and trust the centerpiece of your term. What is the Electoral College? : What is the Electoral College? The amount of Electors per State reflects the number of House members each State has. This number is determined by the population of the State. The total number of Electors is currently 535. It takes 270 votes to win the Presidency. The Electoral College is made up of Electors who actually vote for the President and Vice President. They are selected by their respective parties as a reward for service. An Elector can also campaign for the honor. Electors pledge to vote for the candidate who receives the most votes in their State. Most of the time it is by word of honor, other times it is enforced by State Law. The Electoral College is the epitome of representative government. Why an Electoral College? : Why an Electoral College? The Electoral College is more closely related to our Republican form of government. If the election was by popular vote then as our founding fathers had so eloquently stated we would be governed by mob rule. This is a characteristic of a pure democracy, not that of a democratic republic of which we are. The Electoral College insures each State a voice in the process of electing the Executive Branch of our country. Without the Electoral College, a handful of states with large population centers would in essence rule the entire country. By allowing all 50 states a stake in the process we insure that all regions are represented and every state has a vested interest in being part of the noblest experiment man has undertaken. This, our great and wonderful home, the United States of America!

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