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Published on January 31, 2014

Author: jgzheng


Course Syllabus: IT 4983 IT Capstone Project Spring 2014 Southern Polytechnic State University Jack Zheng Last updated: Jan 10, 2014 Note This syllabus provides a general guideline for the conduct of this course. However, deviations may be necessary and will be notified during the semester. Course Description Students work in teams to develop or implement a real-world IT solution integrating the knowledge acquired in preceding IT courses. Components that are emphasized include technical design, research, documentation, project management, leadership, team work, and communication skills. The final result will be an IT solution addressing a typical business or organizational need such as data management or networking, which will be evaluated by faculty members, Industrial Advisory Board members, and project owners. Course objectives The goal of this course is to create value through the application of information technology. The course brings together teams of senior students in Information Technology to address complex challenges and identify new opportunities for information technology professionals. In measuring your progress toward the BSIT degree, we will assess what you have accomplished, and will project what you will have to offer as an IT professional in real-world organizations. The course objectives are to create value-added deliverables in the following three categories:    Business-Value: Prepare you to assist in analyzing and developing IT solutions to meet business needs. Personal-Value: Prompt you to assess what you have learned and produce a career portfolio to demonstrate your competence that will add value to your applications for jobs and/or a graduate school. Enhance your ability to function as an effective IT professional and/or project manager. Degree-Value: Be able to assess the key knowledge and skills throughout the BSIT degree program and the ability to articulate their relevance to career goals. Learning Outcomes    Apply core IT concepts, best practices and standards to business needs to create a technology solution or report. Practice soft skills in a real work IT project such as communication, writing, presentation, and team work. Produce a career portfolio for use in employment or graduate applications. Prerequisites 1. 2. Senior standing (it’s best to take this course in your last semester before graduation). Completed ALL of these courses (not official but strongly recommended): IT 3203, IT 3883, IT 4323, IT 4423, IT4823, and declared a senior elective track. Class meet location and time – mandatory meeting dates are indicated in the schedule IT 4983/850 F 2:00PM - 3:15PM J-266 Instructor Dr. Jack G. Zheng, Assistant Professor, IT Department Office: J-393A Office hours: Phone: 678-915-5036 In office (J-393A) T 10:00AM - 3:00P Email: MW 1:00 - 4:00PM 1

Course Conduct Course schedule The following schedule is only an overview of the course structure. The more detailed and most updated schedule will be posted in D2L. x Required meeting at your meeting time; the team leader should schedule the meeting a week ahead. xx Absolutely required in-class meeting at class time. Required Meeting Date Jan 10 Jan 17 xx x Jan 24 Jan 31 Feb 21 Mar 28 Apr 11 Apr 18 Milestone x Apr 25 Apr 25 May 02 x x xx x x xx Orientation Team and project assignment Plan approval Milestone 1 report Milestone 2 report Final project presentation Final project report Activities Getting started, syllabus, survey Kickoff meetings, working on project plans Kickoff meetings, working on project plans Plan feedback and final approval Milestone 1 report meetings Milestone 2 report meetings Presentation/final report brief Presentation/final report preparation feedback Presentation/final report preparation feedback Present projects to the department and IAB members Submit the final project package Grading Item Career profile and portfolio Progress reports Project owner evaluation Department/IAB evaluation Peer evaluation Total Points 10 30 20 20 20 100 Total =>90 =>80 =>70 =>60 <60 Grade A B C D F Grading items are described briefly below. More details about each item will be provided later.      Career profile/portfolio: each student will create a career profile/portfolio (resume) using LinkedIn. Progress reports: these reports consist of a project plan, 2 milestone reports, 5 activity reports, and a final comprehensive report. Each report is graded on progress satisfactory, report completeness and quality. All team members get the same grade. More information and templates will be provided. Project owner evaluation: a survey will be sent to project owners to evaluate the overall performance at the end. All team members get the same grade. Department/IAB evaluation: your project will be evaluated by faculty and IAB members based on your presentation and poster. All team members get the same grade. Peer evaluation: this is an individual grade for each person based on your team members’ evaluation. Course websites GeorgiaVIEW D2L   It’s important to know how to use this learning management system for: getting learning materials, submitting reports, checking grades and feedback, downloading files, participating discussion boards, etc. Please check D2L regularly for important announcements and other issues. Resources and materials   The department will provide necessary hardware and software support. Readings, software, and other materials vary for each project. 2

Policies Email Policy 1. Email is a great way of communication if you write the email subject with a prefix like this: IT4983 – (your real subject) 2. Per FERPA regulation, please use your university email to communicate with instructors. This can verify you identity and protect privacy. I reserve the right not to reply any email that I cannot verify sender's identity. Emails without proper subject line or unverified sender address are likely to be categorized as spam, and are NOT guaranteed to be replied. Participation and attendance You are required to attend the class for required meeting dates (check the schedule). You are also responsible for attending project meetings scheduled by your team or the project owner. The grade will be reflected in relevant evaluations. Student work submission The project leader will submit all required materials in GeorgiaVIEW. Submission instructions will be given for each item. Not following these submission instructions will result in point deduction. Check GeorgiaVIEW for the due date of each required submission. Late submission is generally allowed but with up to 20% penalty. Generally, no submission is allowed outside the GeorgiaVIEW system unless explicitly instructed to do so. Be sure to submit the work well ahead of due time. Excuses like website or computer error will not be accepted after the due date. Grades and re-grading Grades will be posted in GeorgiaVIEW, generally within a week from the due date. If you think there is an error, make a re-grading request by e-mail within one (1) week of grade posting. Please make a follow-up appointment (via e-mail) to meet the instructor during office hours for review of the results of any reassessment. A request for reassessment will not be granted if more than two weeks have passed since the grade in question was posted. Check your grades in GeorgiaVIEW regularly. Announcement Important announcements will be made to the class electronically through the GeorgiaVIEW News as well as in class sessions. It is important that you check your GeorgiaVIEW account regularly for announcements, new assignments, grade postings, and other discussions. Academic conduct SPSU values academic integrity. Therefore all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offenses. Work submitted for this course must represent your own efforts. Copying assignments or tests, or allowing others to copy your work, will not be tolerated. Note that introducing syntactic changes into a copied program is still considered plagiarism. The grade for all involved parties for any course work (homework, assignment, project, programming, or test) will be zero if plagiarism is evidenced. Academic dishonesty is an extremely serious offense. All cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with in accordance with the policies of the University as published in the Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Student Handbook. Penalties may include expulsion from the University. “A faculty member reserves the right to remove any student from his or her course if the student’s behavior is of a disruptive nature or if there is evidence of academic dishonesty.” (SPSU Catalog) SPSU has an Honor Code and a new procedure relating to when academic misconduct is alleged. All students should be aware of them. Information about the Honor Code and the misconduct procedure may be found at Disability statement “A student at Southern Polytechnic State University who has a disabling condition and needs academic accommodations has a responsibility to voluntarily identify him/herself as having a disability by scheduling an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator as soon as possible.” (SPSU Catalog). The coordinator can be contacted at 678-915-7244 3

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