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Published on February 21, 2008

Author: Regina1


SaaS Application Hosting:  SaaS Application Hosting [Presenter’s Name] [Title] Microsoft Corporation Date: October 2005 Agenda:  Agenda SaaS market overview What does it take to host application? Microsoft solutions and resources Opportunity - Software as a Service Market:  Opportunity - Software as a Service Market Source IDC: Worldwide and U.S. Software as a Service 2005-2009 Forecast and Analysis: Adoption for the Alternative Delivery Model Continues, IDC #33120, March 2005 IDC predicts worldwide spending on SaaS will reach $10.7B in 2009 Worldwide spending on SaaS increased 39% from 2003 to 2004 5 - Year 21% CAGR Opportunity - Adoption Status:  Opportunity - Adoption Status 79 % Now purchasing and/or reviewing SaaS offering Software upgrade triggering 60 % respondents to purchase and review SaaS Source: IDC, Software on Demand's Impact on the Software Industry: Transformation, Extinction, or Rebirth?, #33558, July 2005 Opportunity - Value Proposition:  Opportunity - Value Proposition Lower cost of entry Reduce risk Higher ROI Quick response to change in demand Rapid deployment of new services Focus on core business New market opportunity Predictable revenue Lower TCO Positive customer experience Add-ons as value-added services Lower support cost ISV Benefits End-User Benefits What does it take to host application?:  What does it take to host application? SaaS a new business model Build Partnership(s) Hosting Solution and Platform New Business Model :  New Business Model Application hosted and offered as service Revenue spread over time – annuity based Software license and operation charges combined Different sales compensation model Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Partners – (ISVs, Hosters, SI) New Business Model – Case Study:  New Business Model – Case Study Service Provider Licensing Agreement Pay as you go Software as a Service ASP offering Challenge Solution Benefits 48% Rev Growth More lenders afford services Cash Flow Predictability 70% Rev - subscriptions Lower cost of entry Software and Support Cost Expand customer base Cash Flow Volatility Predictable Revenue Partnerships:  Partnerships Hosters Application management services Infrastructure hosting service Co-location services Solution Integrators Deployment management Application development and integration Solution Partner Complementary value-add services Vertafore:  Vertafore Case Study: Lower TCO:  Case Study: Lower TCO Challenge Solution Benefits Server Purposing Mod Monitoring & Reporting Update Management 7X Improvement Multiple Concurrent Builds 15 min /Server 30X Faster Resolution 9000 events - 1 console First to know 4X Improvement 7 hours /month Server Build 9 new servers/month 111 min /server Event Monitoring 70 events - 8 consoles Customer complains Patch/Updates 28 hrs /month Microsoft Solutions and Resources:  Microsoft Solutions and Resources Licensing model for Service offering - SPLA Solution – Windows-based Hosting Solution 3.5 Additional Resources Microsoft - New Business Model Solution:  Microsoft - New Business Model Solution No up-front cost – no min commitment Price includes upgrade rights Free 30-day customer demo Costs restricted to usage Online Reporting Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) Licensing Program for Delivering Hosted Services Benefits to ISVs Microsoft – Solution for Windows-based Hosting:  1H-CY06 Deploy What You Need – Modular Components Centralize and Automate Microsoft – Solution for Windows-based Hosting Microsoft - Solution Benefits:  Increase Revenue New market Up-sell Higher quality service Reduce Operation Costs Enforce best practices Eliminate manual errors Operational Efficiency Fast and easy to deploy Faster problem resolution Microsoft - Solution Benefits Microsoft Partners:  Microsoft Partners Solution Integrators Hosters & Managed Services Providers Need Referral for Hoster/SI e-mail to: Resources:  Resources ISV Hosting Starter Kit Business and technical presentations SPLA Information White paper & case studies Online ISV resources guide Solution Demo Self-guided, Online Demo Videos on Advanced Topics All Components of WbH Solution Hosting Community Referral Program Windows Hosting Forum Online Technical Assistance from Hosting Experts Conclusion:  Conclusion Great Opportunity for ISVs Resource - Microsoft Hosting Program Committed to Your Success Slide19:  © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership Simple Deployment and Provisioning Delegated Administration Centralized management Reduce Cost with Automation Scalable with demand Extensible monitoring and reporting High Customer Satisfaction:  High Customer Satisfaction Pay as you need Quick response to demand change Empower customers through self provisioning Proactive Monitoring Manage SLA Solution Features:  Reduced support calls Fast time to market new service Solution Features Server Purposing Automate installation Multi-server builds Reduce deployment time Consistent quality Centralized Management Single point management Delegate administration Consistent Policy Administration Consistent quality Monitoring & Reporting Proactive monitoring & alerts Trend analysis Service Provisioning Delegate administration Integrate to existing environment Features Benefit Features Update Management Scheduled distribution & Logging Distribute service packs & patches Operational efficiency Stable Production Environment Faster problem resolution Capacity planning & performance Considerations for SaaS Enablement:  Considerations for SaaS Enablement Application Layer Multi-tenancy Remote Presentation Scalability Administration Provisioning Management Billing and Metering Monitoring and Reporting Infrastructure Capacity Planning Server Purposing Monitoring and Reporting Additional Information:  Additional Information Hosting Information for ISVs Service Provider Licensing Agreement Solution for Windows-based Hosting Windows Hosting Forum hostingforums/ Referrals to Application Service Providers Solution Demo

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