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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Maria


The “Greening” of ISU Promoting the culture of sustainability at an institution of higher learning:  The “Greening” of ISU Promoting the culture of sustainability at an institution of higher learning Bill Diesslin, CHMM, CSP Assistant Director, EH&S Iowa State University (515) 294-2105 Objectives:  Objectives Discuss past and ongoing campus initiatives Summarize the ISU 2005 – 2010 Strategic Plan Announce the formation of the ISU Council on Sustainability (COS) Discuss COS short term and long term goals Sustainability Quotes:  Sustainability Quotes “It isn't easy being green.” -Kermit the Frog "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." -Native American Proverb "In the long term, the economy and the environment are the same thing. If it's unenvironmental it is uneconomical. That is the rule of nature." - Mollie Beattie Past & Present Initiatives:  Past & Present Initiatives Recycling Energy Conservation Environmental Management System Recycled Material Purchasing Surplus Sales Mercury Exchange Recycling:  Recycling Formally organized in 1993 Campus-wide effort Many different materials managed Financially supported by the Vice President of Business and Finance Materials Recycled:  Materials Recycled Battery / Cell Phone Recycling Chemical/Brown Bottles (reuse) Chemical Redistribution Program (reuse) Compost Site (reuse) Excess Equipment (ISU Surplus) Fluorescent Light Bulbs Free Wood Program Materials Recycled (continued):  Materials Recycled (continued) Oil Filters, Used Oil, Tires, Batteries Photo Processing Power Plant Ash Residence Halls & Food Service Scrap Metal Toner & Ink Jet Cartridges Recycling Results:  Recycling Results 8 tons of newsprint/month 13 tons of phone books/year 12 tons of white paper/month Hundreds of rechargeable batteries $20,000 worth of chemicals redistributed 2,000 tons of finished compost annually Recycling Results:  Recycling Results Recycling Results:  Recycling Results Recycling Results:  Recycling Results Recycling Results (continued):  Recycling Results (continued) 40,000 fluorescent lamps annually 1,500 – 2,000 gallons of oil annually 1.5 tons of oil filters recycled as scrap metal 50 tons of wood salvaged (estimate) 96 tons of heating plant ash used as raw material for cement plant 20,000 tons of heating plant ash used as quarry fill and for soil stabilization Recycling Results (continued):  Recycling Results (continued) 10 tons of clothing, furniture and lumber from residence halls redistributed annually 150 tons of scrap metal annually 90% of campus toner cartridges are recycled Recycling (final word):  Recycling (final word) Iowa State University Continues to explore recycling opportunities Recognizes that recycling is at the bottom of sustainability hierarchy Is exploring recycled purchases to enhance sustainability of recycling (paper purchasing) Continues to explore opportunities to reduce waste (phone books) Energy Conservation:  Energy Conservation 2002 - 2005 Most recent effort Motivated by budget concerns Heating and cooling limits set by FP&M Cost of deviation from limits passed to responsible departments Energy Conservation Results:  Energy Conservation Results Slow but significant “creep” back to previous energy use Some possible unintended consequences Mold IAQ complaints Frozen pipes $1.5 million annual savings Future of Energy Conservation:  Future of Energy Conservation Focus on new construction & remodeling Some interest in “green” buildings Some interest in LEED certification criteria Environmental Management System :  Environmental Management System Systematic problem solving at ISU before EMS TQM and other quality models introduced by administration Quality models used by some departments with varying success Most elements of an EMS already existed Did not have an environmental policy Lack a clear understanding of performance indicators and an effective measurement system EMS at ISU :  EMS at ISU Prepared and published a policy statement Signed by the University President Included as a cover sheet to all relevant documents Struggle with performance measures Participate in OPEI work group Will utilize the work of OPEI, C2E2 and other organizations Future of EMS at ISU :  Future of EMS at ISU Continue to add the elements of an EMS to existing environmental compliance and performance programs No interest in ISO 14001 certification Some talk of a peer reviewed “academic” EMS Recycled Purchasing at ISU :  Recycled Purchasing at ISU Purchasing Department encourages all campus entities to “buy recycled” Required by Iowa law to purchase some recycled products Member of the Buy Recycled Business Alliance Recycled Purchasing at ISU :  Recycled Purchasing at ISU All rough paper products are 100% post consumer recycled paper All print paper is at least 30% recycled paper All plastic consumables are at least 20% recycled Surplus Sales :  Surplus Sales All discarded material is channeled through Asset Recovery Except ordinary garbage/rubbish Items worthy of reuse are offered First to campus entities Then to the public Proceeds from the sales are credited to departmental accounts Surplus Sales (’04-’05) :  Surplus Sales (’04-’05) $148,000 worth of equipment redistributed on campus $253,000 credited to departmental accounts $500,000 in sales to the public Community is provided a low cost outlet for many basic household items (furniture, appliances, computers) Mercury Exchange :  Mercury Exchange Pilot program EH&S spent $5,000 on 400 non-mercury thermometers Offered one free thermometer for each mercury thermometer turned in Mercury thermometers returned to the vendor Mercury Exchange :  Mercury Exchange 400 non-mercury thermometers distributed >1,000 mercury thermometers collected Continue to receive requests to remove mercury thermometers and mercury containing equipment Sustainability Score Card :  Sustainability Score Card Has ISU done some “greening”? Yes!!! Has ISU reached its “green” potential? No. Has ISU made a commitment to sustainability? Let’s have a look ISU Strategic Plan :  ISU Strategic Plan Institutional Road Map Revised every five years Current plan 2005 - 2010 Published and advertised Progress reported to the Board of Regents ISU Strategic Plan :  ISU Strategic Plan “Promote the wise use of Iowa's resources and build a sustainable future.” -Iowa Life, Goal #3 “Achieve a sustainable balance between responsibilities and resources that will allow the university to efficiently and effectively realize its vision. .” -University Life, Goal #3 “Promote a university that conserves resources and enhances environmental quality.” -University Life, Goal #6 ISU Council on Sustainability :  ISU Council on Sustainability Originally called “ISU Greening” Grass roots organization Established bylaws and structure Formally recognized 01/2006 Endorsed by ISU administration VP Business Affairs Provost VP Student Affairs COS Structure :  COS Structure Steering Committee Faculty Staff students Steering Committee Chair Reports to the VP Business Affairs Council membership All interested parties COS Short Term Goals :  COS Short Term Goals Hire a Sustainability Coordinator Increase COS visibility on campus Document ISU Environmental Impact Document ISU Environmental Efforts COS Long Term Goals :  COS Long Term Goals Seek external funding for sustainability projects Encourage faculty and students to pursue sustainability topics in teaching and research Establish sustainability as a core value of the ISU community Lessons Learned :  Lessons Learned Administration will support sustainability Must be shown the value of the concept Peer institutions are doing it Can save money The right thing to do Rome was not built in a day Patience is necessary for change to take place Lessons Learned :  Lessons Learned Anyone, in any position, can be an advocate for sustainability ISU EHSSB :  ISU EHSSB 2809 Daley Drive Questions :  Questions

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