iStudio Conference Make Better Presentation than Local

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Information about iStudio Conference Make Better Presentation than Local

Published on January 16, 2014

Author: YoungReo



Most of Existing Video Conference solutions are not designed for Presentation. iStudio with normal conference make perfect Presentation conferencing. iStudio claims that Distance Presentation using iStudio can do better Presentation than local.

No Distance Presentation system exist.. iStudio Opens New ERA of Presentation Conference

I. Non of Methods can do Remote Presentation as Local ! Internet Conference Skype, ooVoo? Web Conference Tele-Presence WebEx , Connect Pro Polycom / CiSCO Any Method can do Present remotely? Check iStudio !

I.1 Skype Video Conference But Not for Presentation conference Can Switch Camera & Screen but not enough for Presentation !

I.2. A Tele-Presentation Conference - Not as good as a Real Presentation : Tandburg Tele-Presentation Conference Mostly Watching Projector Screen Only 16 January 2014 4

I.3 Web Conference : Web Ex, or Connect Pro? |

I.4 Presentation Conference : Not Enough Yet | 1/16/2014 6

www.t heme galler

II.1 iStudio Shows a Presenter and Presenting materials in a Virtual Presentation Studio - Patented Virtual Class Room Notebook Presenter Chromakey

II.2 iStudio 방식의 새 VR Presentation Presentation on Smart Screen Intelligent way of showing Presenter & Notebooks..PPT.. Real Time Presenting machine For Remote Smart Devices

II.3 iStudio 프리젠테이션 화상 장치 iStudio

II. 4 iStudio’s New Innovation of Presentation So Easy: 5 Minutes to Use So Nice: Broadcast Level So Simple Setup: 30 Minutes to install Office,Class,Studio

III. iStudio Makes a Remote Presentation Better than a Local

III.1 How iStudio make Video conference for Presentation Internet Conference Skype, ooVoo? Web Conference Tele-Presence WebEx , Connect Pro Polycom / CiSCO

III. 2 iStudio Skype 프리젠테이션 화상 장치 iStudio Skype Skype iStudio MicroStation Option Chromudio + Lights + Camera + Monitors + Stand

III.2.1 Application: iStudio Office iStudio MicroStation Option Chromudio + Lights + Camera + Monitors + Stand

III.2.2 Application: _ Office Meeting ROOM

III.2.3 Application _ iStudio Skype Conference

III.2.4 Skype Conference Example 1  Skype


III.3. iStudio Tele-Present 화상 장치 (CISCO/POLYCOM..) TelePresent TelePresent iStudio

III.3.1 iStudio with TelePresence System HDMI SDI CISCO iStudio iStudio SDI/HDMI VGA HDMI/VGA IP CISCO

III.3.2 iStudio Tele-presentation Conference Room

III. 4 Webinar / WebMeeting WebEx , Adobe Connect Pro Webinar with real Presentation !! Webinar PPT with a USB Cam will completely changed. WebEx, Connect Pro will turns into real ..presentation – no document sharing presentation..

III. 4.1 Webinar : Web Conference WebEx Connect Pro Istudio with Connect Pro Presents on Document Sharing Part iStudio

III.4.1 WebEx Conference at Office iStudio iStudio Video On WebEx

III.5 Vidyo Presentation conference 발표자와 발표자료 영상합성 으로 효과적인 프리젠테이션가능

III.5.1 VidyoRoom™: Telepresence Appliances 28

No more travel to make presentation No more visiting to join conference iStudio Opens new ERA Of Presentation Conference 16 January 2014 29

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