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Information about #ISTE2016 Teach any subjects by making apps

Published on June 27, 2016

Author: MartinePaquet

Source: slideshare.net

1. Teach any subject by making apps! Martine Paquet, Teacher and Technology Evangelist www.martinepaquet.com

2. Workshop Outline ● Introduction (30 min) ● Vizwik Sign Up (15 min) ● Explore Tutorials (30 min) ● Bio Break / Q&A (15 min) ● Classroom Demo (15 min) ● Random Racer Lesson (30 min) ● Tip Calculator Lesson (30 min) ● QA and Survey (15 min)

3. Making mobile apps is hard!

4. What is Vizwik? 1. Mobile Web App Development Tool 2. Publishing Platform 3. Social Network 4. Teaching Platform a. Students b. Classrooms c. Lessons d. Activity Reports

5. What is Vizwik? Public Community & Classrooms Students & Teachers Apps & Templates Projects App KITs

6. Why Vizwik? 1. Mobile Apps are relevant to youth 2. Apps are Projects 3. Project Publishing 4. Social Sharing 5. Walled Garden for School 6. Secure on Web 7. No Hardware - just Chrome 8. Follows Maker Movement

7. What Vizwik is NOT 1. Native Mobile Apps 2. Replacement for coding or CS courses 3. LMS - we don’t store marks 4. Testing Platform

8. Vizwik User Interface

9. App Lifecycle in Vizwik Template Project App Create Share Share Copy

10. How to make an App in Vizwik 1. Design User Interface a. Views b. Parts c. Interaction 2. Define Behaviour a. Scripts b. Operators c. Language d. Events 3. Connect to Storage a. Data b. Data types

11. Structure of an App... DB How it looks What it does What it stores View Script Data App Web Tap event get/set

12. View - App user interface ● Only one View shown at a time ● Can navigate between Views ● View has own properties View EditorParts Panel Drag and drop to create Edit properties Automatic layoutApp starts with star view Select to move, resize

13. Script - the code This is the code ● Has inputs, one output ● Operation has input & output ● Inputs linked to outputs ● Links carry data ● Scripts can call other scripts ● Attach Script to View Items Parts Panel Script Editor Input Output Link Operation Drag and drop to create

14. Data - storage of info ● Storage for app information in Vizwik ● Access to external info on web ● Create structure based on needs ● Data is read and written by app Drag and drop to create Parts Panel Data access can be private to each user, readonly by all app users, or shared by all app users

15. Media - sound and images ● Upload images and audio files ● Can be used in view, script and data ● Drag and drop media into media tab ● Always attached to project Parts Panel Drag and drop to create

16. Combined Learning Frameworks 1. Levels of Learning 2. Computer Science 3. Computational Thinking

17. Levels of learning

18. Computer Science 1. Variables easy 2. Data types 3. Sequencing 4. Conditionals 5. Loops 6. Iteration 7. Functions 8. Recursion hard

19. Computational Thinking Abstraction Pattern recognition Decomposition Algorithms Generalization Problem Solving Logical Reasoning

20. Before we start making apps... Questions?

21. Time to Sign Up! - 15 min Chrome Browser => www.vizwik.com Create Account as Teacher Give name to 1st Classroom Watch intro video

22. Explore Tutorials - 30 min Gamified learning of basic skills

23. Bio Break - 15 min Questions?

24. Classroom Demo - 15 min Private group for students, lessons, & reports

25. Lessons Learning by making a mobile app

26. Lesson Lifecycle Student Classroom Template Project Published App Lesson Teacher 1 2 3

27. Plans for use of Vizwik in class One day plan: One week plan: One month plan: After school club: ? ?

28. Try Lesson : Tip Calculator - 30 min Suggested use: Math, Economics, Life Skills

29. Try Lesson : Random Racer - 30 min Suggested use: Math, Physics, STEM

30. Create your own Templates I included audio into the app so they can practice their French. Lesson Plan They have to include: - Images - Videos - Audio (if possible) - Informations on the songs and artists - Explanations of the songs (themes, emotions and message)

31. Students Create their own Apps On the theme of technology: They have to do a pie chart graphic on the amount of time they spend on technology. I included audio into the app so that they can practice their french speaking. On the theme of movies: - Poster of the movie - Trailer - Informations on the movies - Links to web sites

32. Help and Resources

33. Q&A + Survey - 15 min Questions?

34. facebook.com/MartinePaquetED twitter.com/MartinePaquetED plus.google.com/+MartinePaquetedtech ca.linkedin.com/in/MartinePaquetED martine@martinepaquet.com How to reach me

35. Atlantic Education Summit - July 2016 #AESI2016

36. Partners

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