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Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Maurizio



Joining forces – PRT/GTS :  Joining forces – PRT/GTS California – Swedish MoU for sustainable transportation and fuels Swedish Delegation Magnus Hunhammar CEO Institute for Sustainable Transportation Joining California – Swedish GTS forces:  Joining California – Swedish GTS forces Initiate procurement processes for sustainable transportation (Podcars) Specifications Finances Organisation & legislation Group the leading cities and regions into a strong push for industrial long term drive Sister Cities/Regions University & NGO collaboration Incorporated federal & state authorities Commitment Letter of intent Long term agreement Banverket:  Banverket Banverket is an authority that is primarily funded by Government grants. In 2005, Swedish Rail carried 151 million passengers and 63 000 tons of cargo. Banverket's activities are steered by the Parliamentary transport policy goals. The transport policy goals consist of one overall goal and five sub-goals. The overall goal is to provide a system of transport for citizens and the business sector all over the country that is both economically effective and sustainable in the long term. The six sub-goals are: 1. an accessible transport system 2. a high standard of transport quality 3. safe traffic 4. a good environment 5. positive regional development 6. a transport system offering equal opportunities Banverket:  Banverket Rolling quarter statistics, million passengers per quarter Banverket:  Banverket Pressrelease feb 28 2006: (TO BE TRANSLATED) ”Den svenska Industrigruppen SkyCab och Banverket går samman med fordons-, IT-, stål- och byggindustrin ochutvecklar spårtaxi, PRT (Personal Rapid Transit). Spårtaxi är ett nytt, kompletterande publikt transportsätt. Resan sker i små förarlösa vagnar på banor ovan mark, direkt till önskad avstigningsplats, bekvämt ochmiljöanpassat. Industrigruppen SkyCab samarbetar för utveckling av en ny svensk industrigren med storamöjligheter att skapa nya ”gröna jobb” och ökad export av svenskt teknikkunnande” ” Sverige arbetar sedan flera år med att bygga upp en inhemsk kompetens för utveckling av spårtaxi, PRT. Utöver Industrigruppen SkyCab, som samverkar med flera svenska högskolor och universitet, bl.a. KTH, Chalmers,Högskolan Dalarna och Högskolan Gävle, har stödjande satsningar gjorts av KFB, Nutek, Energimyndigheten,Konsumentverket, Handisam, Handikappombudsmannen, Hjälpmedelsinstitutet, Räddningsverket, Hoforskommun, Hofors Invest, Länsstyrelse Gävleborg, Länsstyrelsen Stockholm, EU:s strukturfonder, Banverket m.fl.” Slide6:  Institute for Sustainable Transportation NGO for implementation of environmental, social and economical sustainable transportations A network of experts and engaged citizens Financed by own projects, funds and member fees Founded Jan. 2002 Is the hub for podcars in Sweden More info at: Important factors for success :  Important factors for success Independent body (offering ideas & expert advices – not products) Large scale PRT-solutions Utilize IT-developments (PODCAR = an internet for people and goods) Influential board Network of experts Good timing (peak oil and green gas problems) Slide8:  Motivation - energy PRT (Ultra) Bus Electric car Car Railcar Motivation - capacity:  Motivation - capacity 133 pass / 2 min = 4000 pass / h. 15 miles/h 4 pass / 3 sec = 4800 pass / h. 25 miles/h Railcar/Monorail Pod Pod Pod Slide10:  Motivation - technology Internet, software & computers Industrial commitment & Innovation Virtual transportation Posco and Ultra Slide11:  Motivation - security I hope none of my kids were in this convertible Slide12:  Värmdö welcomes You Mrs. Yvonne Blomback, swedish environment party, member of Stockholm regional council Mr. Hans Lindqvist, swedish center party, member of Värmdö city Council, former EU parliament member Slide13:  100 km (60 miles) network Total distance east-west 23 km (15 miles) Est. Cost $ 1 billion Implementation roadmap:  Implementation roadmap Commercial systems Ideas Innovation Analysis Planning Testtracks < 1 mile Pilot tracks 2 -12 miles Large networls R&D VC Federal guarantee BOT Stock market 2006 2009 2012-15 2016 -> GTS Project Slide18:  The Media effect Number of press articles about podcars (PRT) in Swedish papers Swedish media 2005 Slide19:  Letter of Intent to Participate in the GTS Project.   Between Institute for Sustainable Transportation, below named IST, .......and NN, below named.nn........   Mutual interest: Podcars (PRT) appears to have substantial gains for society regarding environmental, social and economical sustainability. Since this is a new technology, a series of uncertainities arises regarding performance, cost and feasability. It is unreasonable for only one city to take the full risk of such a project. By joining forces from the leading cities and regions in Sweden and California we substantially increase the chance of success. IST has today gathered a group of municipalities, governement research institutions, universities, vendors, and NGOs that has commited to persue the possibility of Podcars as a sustainable transportation for the near future.   The purpose of the GTS Project is to initiate procurement processes for sustainable transportation based on Podcars. The GTS Project, an acronym for ”General Transportation System”, is a project initiated and driven by IST in Sweden in collaboration with UCI. The work of the project includes specifications, financing strategies, organisation & legislation, and other topics the GTS members find relevant for the project.   ___ commits to be present for the first International GTS meeting, scheduled to be held in fall 2007 in Sweden.  This commitment includes some of the following steps to be initiated in order to fullly be able to participate the meeting : Local analysis of Right of Way for Podcars, political mandate to fully participate, allocation of funds and resources needed to have reasonable technical background, proper review of local planning processes etc. IST can directly or by proxy assist in this work if needed.    Stockholm.... California ..... Thank you.:  Thank you. Slide21:  Making Sweden an OIL-FREE Society Commission on Oil Independence The Commission on Oil Independence:  The Commission on Oil Independence Members: Göran Persson, Prime Minister, chairman C. Azar, professor Chalmers University of Technology L. Andersson, government investigator into bioenergy, L. Bångens, Chairman of Sweden’s Energy Advisers, B. Johansson-Hedberg, CEO, Lantmännen, L. Johansson, CEO, AB Volvo, G. Johnsson, former chairman of the Swedish Metalworkers Union, C. Segersteen, Chairman of the Federation of Swedish Forest Owners, L. Sennerby-Forsse, Secretary-General, Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning Staff: S. Edman, biologist, writer, former Political Adviser to the Prime Minister A. Nylander, architect and expert on energy. A vision for Sweden :  A vision for Sweden By the year 2020 reduce our use of oil products: Through more efficient use of fuel and new fuels, consumption of oil in road transport shall be reduced by 40-50 per cent. • In principle no oil shall be used for heating residential and commercial buildings • Industry shall reduce its consumption of oil by 25-40 per cent The Commission’s points of departure :  The Commission’s points of departure 1. We will reduce Sweden’s climate impact 2. We will secure Sweden’s supply of energy in the long term 3. We can become a leading nation in the development of new technology for sustainable use of energy and more efficient use of energy 4. We will strengthen our international economic competitiveness 5. We will use and develop the energy resources from forests and fields, “Sweden’s green gold” Objectives for the road transport sector: Reduce use of oil by 40-50 per cent by 2020! :  Objectives for the road transport sector: Reduce use of oil by 40-50 per cent by 2020! Encourage a more energy efficient fleet of private cars! Improve the efficiency of goods traffic and reduce its share on the roads! Increase the share of fuels from agriculture and forestry Make public transport cheaper and more attractive! Strengthen the role of the train! Air travel Distance work Slide26:  Development of the public transport system The Government should support R&D and local pilot projects for transportation efficiency in town planning and public transport and R&D concerning advanced car-sharing schemes and telematics for private cars --------------------------------- The state sector should also support the development and use of ITS (intelligent transport system) in order to help the transport industry to improve logistics and transport efficiency. --------------------------------- The Government should support pilot and development projects with public transport in a number of municipalities, focusing among other things on comfort, speed and biofuels. Slide27:  An English version of the final report is published on:

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