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Published on January 28, 2008

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Facial Makeup:  Facial Makeup Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Cosmetology: ©2007 Thomson Delmar Learning. All Rights Reserved Slide2:  “Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost.” Robert Shuller Objectives:  Objectives Describe the different types of cosmetics and their uses. Demonstrate an understanding of cosmetic color theory. Demonstrate a basic makeup procedure for any occasion. Objectives–Cont’d :  Identify different facial types and demonstrate procedures for basic corrective makeup. Demonstrate the application and removal of artificial lashes. List safety measures to be followed during makeup application. Objectives–Cont’d Enhancing Natural Beauty:  Enhancing Natural Beauty Cosmetics:  Cosmetics Foundation Chemistry:  Foundation Chemistry Liquid Cream Mineral powder Foundation Selection and Use:  Foundation Selection and Use Match to skin tone. Blend with disposable makeup sponge. Avoid lines of demarcation. Mineral powder is applied with fluffy brush. Concealers:  Concealers Use to cover blemishes and discolorations. Match color to skin. Apply with sponge or disposable cotton swab. Use sparingly and soften edges. Face Powder:  Face Powder Adds matte finish, absorbs oil, and “sets” foundation. Mixture of talc or cornstarch and pigment. Uses binders like zinc stearate. Applied with large powder brush. Cheek Color:  Cheek Color Called blush or rouge. Comes in powder, gel, or cream. Used to add natural glow and color. Lip Color:  Lip Color Lipstick or gloss Formulas of oils, waxes, and dyes Lip liner Used to outline lips; keeps lip color from feathering; coordinate with lip color Eye Shadows:  Eye Shadows Make eyes brighter and more expressive. Forms Colors Highlight color Base color Contour color Eyeliners:  Eyeliners Used to outline and emphasize the eye. Consist of wax or hardened oil base with color additives. Apply with short strokes and gentle pressure. Eyebrow Color:  Eyebrow Color Used to add color and contour brows. Chemistry similar to eyeliner pencils. Avoid harsh contrasts with haircolor. Mascara:  Mascara Used to darken and thicken lashes. Chemistry Pigments Application Other Cosmetics:  Other Cosmetics Eye makeup removers Grease paint Cake (pancake) makeup Makeup Brushes :  Makeup Brushes Powder brush Blush brush Concealer brush Lip brush Eye shadow brushes Eyeliner brush Makeup Brushes–Cont’d :  Angle brush Lash and brow brush Makeup Brushes–Cont’d Makeup Tools:  Makeup Tools Tweezers Eyelash curler Sponges Powder or cotton puffs Mascara wands Spatulas Disposable lip brushes Sponge-tipped shadow applicators Cotton pads or puffs Pencil sharpener Color Theory:  Color Theory Primary colors Secondary colors Tertiary colors Complementary colors Warm and Cool Colors:  Warm and Cool Colors Warm Cool Determining Skin Color:  Determining Skin Color Selecting Makeup Colors:  Selecting Makeup Colors Light skin color Medium skin color Dark skin color Color Selection Steps:  Color Selection Steps Determine skin level. Determine skin undertone. Determine eye color. Determine complementary colors. Determine hair color. Choose eye makeup colors. Coordinate cheek and lip colors. Apply makeup. Complementary Colors for Eyes:  Complementary Colors for Eyes Neutrals: safest Blue eyes Gold, peach, copper, mauve, plum, taupe, camel Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d :  Green eyes Brown-based reds, red-orange, red-violet, violet, coppers, rusts, pinks, plums, mauve, and purples Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d :  Brown eyes Can wear any color: greens, blues, grays, silvers Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d :  Cheek and lip color Coordinate in same color family as eye makeup Hair color and eye color Hair color impacts the complementary colors chosen Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d :  Complementary Colors for Eyes–Cont’d Client Consultation:  Client Consultation Consultation area Lighting Gather information Sell retail Makeup Application Supplies:  Makeup Application Supplies Cleansers, astringent, toner, moisturizer Bases, concealers, face powders, cheek colors, lip colors, lip liners, eye shadows, eyeliner pencils, mascara Makeup Application Supplies–Cont’d :  Towels, draping sheets, makeup cape, headband or hair clips, eyelash curler, assorted makeup brushes, small makeup palette Disposable applicators, sponges, tissues, sharpener, cotton, spatulas Makeup Application Supplies–Cont’d Makeup Application Preparation:  Makeup Application Preparation Perform client consultation. Wash hands. Drape client. Apply cleanser. Makeup Application Preparation–Cont’d:  Remove cleanser. Apply astringent lotion or toner. Apply moisturizer. Groom eyebrows. Makeup Application Preparation–Cont’d Makeup Application Procedure:  Makeup Application Procedure Apply foundation. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply concealer. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply powder. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply eye color. Apply eyeliner. Apply eyebrow color. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply mascara. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply cheek color. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply lip color. Makeup Application Procedure–Cont’d Cleanup and Sanitation:  Cleanup and Sanitation Discard disposable items. Disinfect implements. Clean and sanitize brushes. Place towels and linens. Sanitize work station. Wash hands. Striking Contour Eyes:  Striking Contour Eyes Base color from lashes to brow. Medium tone on lid. Medium to deep tone in crease and blend. Highlight shadow under brow bone. Eyeliner from outside corner tapering in. Shadow over eyeliner. Apply mascara. Striking Contour Eyes–Cont’d :  Striking Contour Eyes–Cont’d Dramatic Smoky Eyes:  Dramatic Smoky Eyes Encircle with gray, brown, or black liner. Smudge eyeliner. Dark shadow from upper lash to crease. Repeat on lower lash line. Highlight color to upper brow area. Apply mascara. Add individual or band lashes. Dramatic Smoky Eyes–Cont’d :  Dramatic Smoky Eyes–Cont’d Special Occasion–Cheeks:  Special Occasion–Cheeks Add definition under cheekbones. Use shimmer or glitter for highlight. Special Occasion–Lips:  Special Occasion–Lips Line lips and fill with lip pencil and blot. Add lip color. Apply gloss to center of lips. Corrective Makeup:  Corrective Makeup Emphasizes good features. Minimizes imperfections. Highlighting is used to emphasize. Shadowing minimizes features. Analyzing Face Shapes:  Analyzing Face Shapes Oval Round Analyzing Face Shapes–Cont’d :  Square Triangular Heart-shaped Analyzing Face Shapes–Cont’d Analyzing Face Shapes–Cont’d :  Diamond Oblong Analyzing Face Shapes–Cont’d Forehead Area:  Forehead Area Low forehead Protruding forehead Nose and Chin Areas:  Nose and Chin Areas Large or protruding nose Short and flat nose Broad nose Protruding chin and receding nose Receding chin Sagging double chin Jawline and Neck Area:  Jawline and Neck Area Broad jawline Narrow jawline Round, square, or triangular face Short, thick neck Long, thin neck Corrective Makeup for the Eyes :  Corrective Makeup for the Eyes Round eyes Close-set eyes Corrective Makeup for the Eyes–Cont’d :  Bulging eyes Heavy-lidded eyes Corrective Makeup for the Eyes–Cont’d Corrective Makeup for the Eyes–Cont’d :  Small eyes Wide-set eyes Deep-set eyes Dark circles Corrective Makeup for the Eyes–Cont’d Eyebrows:  Eyebrows The ideal eyebrow shape Eyebrows–Cont’d :  Low forehead Wide-set eyes Close-set eyes Round face Long face Square face Eyebrows–Cont’d The Lips:  The Lips The Lips–Cont’d :  The Lips–Cont’d Skin Tone and Wrinkles :  Skin Tone and Wrinkles Ruddy skin (red) Sallow skin (yellow) Minimizing wrinkles with foundation Artificial Eyelashes:  Artificial Eyelashes Band or strip lashes Individual lashes Adhesive Allergy test Band Application Supplies:  Band Application Supplies Adjustable lamp Makeup chair Lash adhesive Trays Cleanser Eyelash remover Wet sanitizer Headband/ hair clip Tweezers Cotton swabs/pads Eyelash brushes Band Application Supplies–Cont’d :  Eyelash curler Hand mirror Manicure scissors Makeup cape Pencil sharpener Band Application Supplies–Cont’d Band Lash Preparation:  Band Lash Preparation Give client consultation. Wash hands. Seat client. Drape client. Remove contact lenses. Remove eye makeup. Band Lash Procedure:  Band Lash Procedure Prepare lashes. Shape eyelash strip. Feather lash. Apply adhesive. Band Lash Procedure–Cont’d :  Apply the lash. Apply lower lash (optional) Band Lash Procedure–Cont’d Removing Band Lashes:  Removing Band Lashes Commercial preparations Soften with warm water and gentle cleanser Start at outer corner Lift gently Use cotton tips to remove makeup or adhesive Individual Lashes:  Individual Lashes Known as eye tabbing Individual lashes Synthetic Attached directly to client’s eyelashes Follow manufacturer’s directions Safety Precautions:  Safety Precautions Wash hands. Drape properly. Protect hair and skin. Keep fingernails smooth. Use sanitized brushes and implements. Use shaker for loose powder. Pour lotions from bottles. Safety Precautions–Cont’d :  Use clean spatulas and applicators. Use spatula and disposable applicators for lip color. Use antiseptic on tweezed areas of brow. Safety Precautions–Cont’d Safety Precautions–Cont’d :  Discard disposables. Place towels and linens in hamper. Keep workstation sanitary and neat. Safety Precautions–Cont’d Summary and Review:  Summary and Review What is the main objective of makeup application? Slide77:  List 8 types of facial cosmetics and how they are used. Summary and Review–Cont’d Slide78:  Name the different types and uses of foundation. Name 3 types of cheek color. Name 3 types of eye shadow and how they are used. Summary and Review–Cont’d Slide79:  List the primary and secondary colors. Name the colors in the warm and cool ranges. What are complementary colors? Summary and Review–Cont’d Slide80:  List the cosmetics used in a basic makeup procedure in the order they are applied. What are the 7 facial types? Summary and Review–Cont’d Slide81:  Name and describe the 2 types of artificial eyelashes. Summary and Review–Cont’d Slide82:  List at least 10 safety precautions for makeup applications. Summary and Review–Cont’d Slide83:  Congratulations! You’ve just completed one unit of study toward program completion!

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