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Published on October 1, 2014

Author: susandiaz7545



iSpotTalent - An android and iOS app.

Could this be the easiest way to find employment and for employers to find interview and recruit employees?

iSpotTalent lets you broadcast your CV, Resume and Video to advertise yourself to the open world for getting noticed worldwide - Its an unique and challenging opportunity to showcase your talent to open world for immediate exposure! You got talent we have a platform.


I I I I I I I I l‘" Q E (4% IA{ H‘ " I I I ‘I'll ‘'_'', l'«. ‘E J : >‘ ‘ ,1" I ‘If (‘ sxk ‘K -§ » " ‘ q . .._‘ ~ I l ‘-1‘ I I 3; ex ll} 9/, iL_ f y_’ ‘*'%~ .1, I l . ‘ Ila ‘ l f l: :7 V Till . .r 35 5 -: § . j_ 39 * 1 A A. '«7__j' "“ Is this A p. The Future For Fin ing A Job And ett' e G ing Employ d yummy, ‘ (’))(/ .s'/ "m‘/ /(Ky c'>)/ /// )/qy/ //(*/ // - (/ /(z/ .70/‘ c'>"/ ///2/gyr/ es‘ .70 . (// //1'/ ‘// /‘(W/ . ~{/ m/ . (/l)(’('/ ‘A/ /7 ('))/ /// )@/ ('(’. s‘. " Having gone through various job searches, employment agencies and attend numerous interviews near and far including overseas of which just a few were fruitful but for most I had wasted my time and money which I didn’t have in the first place! ! With current economic uncertainty finding the rightjob and the right employer in your field of profession is not easy as there's too much competition and as firms shut down every week or are so much

iSot Talent iST iSPOT TALENT - . I debt and are struggling to pay staff wages I think an app. -1 I like this with your CV on your profile is like a ‘bank :1 j saving account’ as your details are always available to j ‘ employers worldwide who may view your profile and :1 I contact you at anytime. For employers looking for em- -1 3 ployees its never easy looking and finding the right can- " I ‘ didate for the job and this leads to firms spending a lot of if I time and money on recruitment especially advertising for Z: 1 vacancies however with iSpot Talent (www. findtaIent- :1 j wor| dwide. com), this whole process is made easy as all employers have to do is download the App. register and search for suitable candidates and arrange interviews!

A 1;»-Iyr't; r,§, -:wr T 1 "LT "~i, *~<f it Ta l. ;:i*r‘i: A iSpot Talent seems to be the answer to all this drama. This New App. which is available for both iOS (apple store) and Android (Google play) for downloads onto your devices, will enable you to create a profile and upload your CV/ Videos, add tags and broadcast your Talent (profession to employers worldwide) www. findta| entwor| dwide. com. Employers can download the App. too and search for suitable candidates, in box message them, exchange contacts and arrange interviews privately. This App is brilliant , saves you a lot of time and hassle and has had a lot of good reviews there’s now a demo on YouTube http: //youtu. be/ E9jZSS| P8|g However applying for a job is one thing and presenting a CV that looks professional and represents your skills, abi| ity and experience is another thing all together with that in mind you can download a Free CV template with a few tips and advise . Find out more www. findta| entwor| dwide. com More still with a lot of interest in the MODELLING Industry profession a lot of Models have found it hard to create a professional Modelling Portfolio, however you can now get tips and advise on modeling and how to create your Modelling Portfolio. Download it FREE www. findtalentworldwide. com Download iSpot Talent now and take advantage of a free 7-Day triaI. . www. findta| entwor| dwide. com View slide

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