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Information about Isospora

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: PakRose1


 Coccidian protozoan  Obligate parasite  Single-celled

 Worldwide  Subtropical  Tropical

     Domain: Eukaryote Phylum: Apicomplexa Class: Coccidia Order: Eucoccidiorida Family: Eimeriidae

 intestinal villus (enterocytes)  lamina propria of the villus

1. 2. Sexual Asexual

     Immature, unsporulated oocyst is excreted through feces. Sporoblast divides into two Each sporoblast develops into a sporocyst with 4 sporozoites, resulting in mature oocysts. The time spent in stages 1 through 3 is 2-3 days. Mature oocyst is ingested. Oocyst bursts. Sporozoites are released and lodge into the intestinal lining. Sporozoites undergo asexual reproduction to form merozoites. The merozoites mature into gametes which undergo fertilization to produce a new oocyst

 Small intestine

Oocyst. Size:  20-23 μm long  10-19 μm wide 

 Human  Animal

o o o o . Transmitted by fecal-oral contamination. Occurs poor sanitation conditions. 3-14 day incubation period between the ingestion of an infectious oocyst and onset of symptoms. After ingestion, the sporozoites invade in the small intestine which eventually destroys these cells.

 Water  contaminated food  Poor sanitation

Acute infection include: Diarrhea with abdominal pain  Malabsorption  Weight loss 

 Abdominal pain and cramping  Anorexia and weight loss  General malaise  Low fever  Vomiting

 Oocysts in the feces  Duodenal biopsy  Enterotest

Typical laboratory analyses include:   Microscopy Morphologic comparison intestinal parasites  Bench aids for Isospora with other

 Warn travelers not to visit regions where the protozoan is endemic

 Trimethoprim (TMP)  Sulfamethoxazole (SMZ)  Co-trimoxazole

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