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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: hlalice



Power point for isometric drawing


CONCEPT OF ISOMETRIC DRAWING  3 dimensional drawing (width, height and depth)  Showing 3 views (top, front and side)  Base line 30° from the horizontal plane A F E G D C B OBJEK A A B C D E F G OBJEK A OBJEK A

ISOMETRIC AXIS  Normal axis  Horizontal axis  Reversed axis

CHRACTERISTICS OF ISOMETRIC DRAWING  Isometric lines – parallel to isometric axis  Non-isometric lines- lines that not parallel to isometric axis

CHRACTERISTICS OF ISOMETRIC DRAWING  Angle in isometric  Circle in isometric  Curve in isometric


CONSTRUCTION OF ISOMETRIC DRAWINGS ON NORMAL AXIS  Box method – using the entire object dimensions (height, depth, width)

CONSTRUCTION OF ISOMETRIC DRAWING ON NORMAL AXIS  Frame method- object which has vertices such as pyramids and cones

CONTRUCTION OF ISOMETRIC CIRCLE USING FOUR CENTRE METHOD  Locate the center of an ellipse  Construct an isometric square  Construct a perpendicular bisector from each tangent point  Locate the four centres  Draw the arcs with these centers and tangent to isometric square


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