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Information about ISLAS GALAPAGOS

Published on September 14, 2007

Author: Alien


ISLAS GALÁPAGOS:  ISLAS GALÁPAGOS PRESERVING ENVIRONMENTS ABOUT THE ISLAS GÁLAPAGOS:  ABOUT THE ISLAS GÁLAPAGOS WHERE ARE THEY? WHAT COUNTRY DO THEY BELONG TO? H OW MANY OF THEM? HOW DO YOU GET THERE? WHERE DO YOU STAY? DO PEOPLE LIVE ON THEM? NORTH OR SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR? WHAT TYPE OF OCEAN CURRENTS? Slide3:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) THREE CLASSIFICATIONS OF FLORA AND FAUNA:  THREE CLASSIFICATIONS OF FLORA AND FAUNA Endemic species: only in the Galápagos Black Marine and Land Iguana; Flightless Comorant; Galápagos Sea Lion??? Native species: make home in Galápagos and elsewhere Three species of Boobies, Great Frigate birds, mangoves Introduced species: brought by humans Horses, cattle, goats, donkeys, pigs, cats, dogs, rats, and over 500 species of plants (e.g. elephant grass for grazing cattle Threaten the natural balance Slide5:  OUR HOTEL The SEAMAN 76ft; 9 knots 16-passenger motor yacht Crew of 7, plus bilingual naturalist guide II OUR WATER TAXI 9-passenger Zodiac aka panga Slide6:  Seaman Summer 8-day Itinerary Slide7:  ISLA BALTRA – AIRSTRIP AND SEA LIONS 2 FLIGHTS/DAY FROM MAINLAND MAIN STAGING PORT FOR TURISTS ISLA BARTOLOMÉ DAY ONE:  ISLA BARTOLOMÉ DAY ONE Slide9:  Native Galápagos Penquins – very shy Galápagos Sea Lions – very friendly; possible endemic species Slide10:  It is a beautiful day for a sun tan Endemic Galápagos Black Marine Iguana life span ~40 years Slide11:  Slide12:  ISLA BARTOLOMÉ numerous volcanic cones Slide13:  Isla Bartolomé Latitude 00.16.5 S Longitude 90.33.0 W Slide14:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) Slide15:  ISLA GENOVESA DAY TWO Slide16:  Native Red Footed Boobies Indigenous to Isla Genovesa Slide17:  Slide18:  Native Great Frigate Birds Red bellows are for attracting females Slide19:  Native Masked Boobie Slide20:  Salt and fresh water tide pool Slide21:  Introduced species Slide22:  Native Brown Pelican Slide23:  Endemic Black Marine Iguanas Sally Lightfoot Crab Slide24:  Endemic Darwin Finches Slide25:  Slide26:  Immature Red Footed Boobie and friend Slide27:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) Slide28:  ISLA RÁBIDA DAY 3 Slide29:  The entrance to the lagoon called Caleta Tortuga Negra is through an opening in the volcano rim Slide30:  Blue Footed Boobies feeding at dawn at the lagoon Slide31:  Native Egret among the native mangroves Slide32:  Native White-Tipped Sharks (circled) and Mustard Rays living in the same aquatic space This lagoon is known as a breeding spot for Pacific Green Sea Tortugas Slide33:  ISLA SOUTH PLAZAS DAY THREE AFTERNOON Slide34:  Black Marine Iguanas everywhere Slide35:  Black Marine Iguanas and Galápagos Sea Lions sharing the same sunny space on top of the cliff Slide36:  Galápagos Sea Lions and Sally Lightfoot Crabs on the sunny rocks Slide37:  A Sea Lion and a Land Iguana sleeping in the shade on a tree-less island Slide38:  Young and old endemic Land Iguanas Sally Lightfood Crab Slide39:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) Slide40:  Lava tube extends ~2k into the hillside ISLA SANTA CRUZ DAY FOUR Slide41:  Giant land tortugas in the Isla Santa Cruz highlands. Life span is ~ 250 years. Slide42:  Charles Darwin Research Station on Isla Santa Cruz. The research station serves as a sanctuary and breeding station for endangered tortugas. Slide43:  Two native tortugas and one introduced human (Luis) Slide44:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) Slide45:  ISLA FLOREANA DAY FIVE Pelicans and Pangas Slide46:  Jeff snorkeling with the Galápagos Sea Lions and some introduced wild life Slide47:  However, very few people (~90) live on this remote southern island Isla Floreana is one of four islands with human inhabitants Slide48:  Great Frigate Bird Slide49:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) Slide50:  ISLA SANTA FE DAY SIX MORNING Slide51:  Sally Lightfoot Crabs on the volcanic shore Diverse eco-systems on one small island Slide52:  Female Galápagos Sea Lion nursing one of her pups Slide53:  Pacific Green Sea Tortuga – life span ~ 150 years Slide54:  A bottle-nose dolphin swimming with our boat Slide55:  KICKER ROCK DAY SIX AFTERNOON Slide56:  The advantage of a small boat is that you can sail through the narrow passageway at Kicker Rock Slide57:  ISLA LOBOS DAY SIX AFTERNOON Nesting sea bird Slide58:  Galápagos Sea Lions everywhere – on the beach and in the panga Slide59:  ISLA SAN CRISTOBAL DAY SIX and DAY SEVEN Slide60:  Giant Land Tortuga on a remote area of Isla San Cristobal Slide61:  A pile of endemic Land Iguanas – life span ~ 60 years Slide62:  Galápagos Sea Lion romance Slide63:  Insight Guides: Ecuador and Galápagos (2003) Slide64:  ISLA NORTH SEYMOUR DAY EIGHT AT DAWN Adult Blue Footed Boobie and young Boobie sitting on a guano pile Slide65:  Endemic Land Iguanas, a Native Blue Footed Boobie and an Endemic Galápagos Sea Lion watching an introduced human Slide66:  The Seaman captain andamp; crew Luis, our naturalist guide

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