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Information about iScan Online HIPAA Solutions Brief

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: iscanonline



At iScan Online, we help organizations identify unencrypted "Personally identifiable information" (PII) for mobility and computing platforms simple and fast.

If you are a healthcare organization and would like to know what data is at risk on your smartphones, tablets and computers, we encourage you to review the material and contact your iScan Online HIPAA representative.

H I P A A S O L U T I O N S Identify  unprotected  PHI  data  on   computers  and  mobile  devices. 66% of breaches include data stored ‘at rest’ on servers, laptops and mobile devices. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Data  breaches  cost  the  healthcare  industry  $6  billion  in  2010   and  is  on  the  rise DATA BREACHES Healthcare   organizations   are   at   war   with   Cyber   Data  Thieves  in  their  efforts  to  reduce  the  volume   of   security   incidents   related   to   protected   health   information   (PHI).   The   impact   of   not   protecting   patient  data  is  apparent.  Recent  studies  show  that   over   90%   of   healthcare   organizations   have   experienced   a   data   breach   within   the   last   2   years.   To   further   complicate   the   battle   against   data   crime,   the   adoption   of   mobile   devices,   BYOD   and   cloud  sharing  technologies  add  fuel  to  the  fire.

HIPAA COMPLIANCE The   HIPAA   Security   &   Privacy   Rule   includes   several   safeguards   to   assure   the   confidentiality,   integrity   and   availability   of   electronic   protected   health   information.   iScan   Online   provides   security   scanning   solutions  to  address  the  Administrative  and  Technical  safeguards. DATA BREACH SUMMARY PHI DISCOVERY SCAN The   number   of   data   breaches   and   security   i n c i d e n t s   c o n t i n u e   t o   r i s e ,   w i t h   H I PA A   regulations   pushing   for   transparency.   All   signs   are   pointing   to   2014   being   a   critical   year   for   organizations   to   prevent   becoming   yet   another   headline.   S c a n   y o u r   c o m p u t e r   a n d   m o b i l e   d e v i c e s ,   immediately   uncovering   unprotected   data   that   is   at   risk.   We   include   pre-­‐defined   popular   data   type   discovery   for   credit   card,   drivers   license,   social   security   numbers   and   even   can   add   your   own  sensitive  data  patterns.   Over   the   past   decade   we   have   experienced   an   explosion   of   incidents   affecting   all   sizes   of   healthcare   organizations.   The   end   of   last   year   showed  no  signs  of  slowing  down.   HIPAA   safeguards   explicitly   call   out   an   Audit   Control   standard   for   implementing   a   solution   that  examines  information  systems  containing  or   using  electronic  PHI.   To   better   prepare   for   tomorrow’s   threat   while   aiding   in   HIPAA   compliancy,   iScan   Online,   1 recently   awarded   security   innovator   of   the   year,   has   stepped   up   to   the   challenge   to   proactively   identify  and  eliminate  PHI  related  incidents.   ISCAN RESPONDS TO HIPAA SAFEGUARDS iScan   Online   specializes   in   the   identification   of   u n p ro t e c t e d   P H I   d a t a   a n d   v u l n e ra b i l i t i e s ,   outlined   in   the   Administrative   and   Technical   safeguards   to   mitigate   data   loss   should   a   security  incident  occur.     Here   at   iScan,   we   call   this   Data   Discovery   and   Vulnerability   Scanning.   What’s   unique   is   the   fact   that   we   can   do   this   without   requiring   hardware   or   complex   software   and   provide   healthcare   organizations   to   know   exactly   what   data  is  at  risk  within  minutes.   ! ! ! ! MOBILE AND BYOD To d ay,   m o s t   h e a l t h c a r e   o r g a n i z a t i o n s   a r e   utilizing   smartphones,   tablets   and   computers.     Don’t  dismiss  the  mobile  threat  as  it  is  very  real.   Mobile   risks   include   traditional   vulnerabilities   a n d   u n p r o t e c t e d   s e n s i t i v e   d a t a   j u s t   a s   traditional   computers   do.   In   fact,   mobile   devices   present   new   dangers   that   one   might   not   have   previously  anticipated.     iScan   Online   is   the   industry’s   first   security   scanning   solution   identifying   both   PHI   data   and   i t s   v u l n e ra b i l i t y   p o s t u re   s i m p l e ,   fa s t   a n d   affordable   for   all   of   your   endpoints   including   BYOD.     QUESTION FOR YOU How   important   is   it   for   you   to   know   what   u n p r o t e c t e d   d a t a   i s   a t   r i s k   o n   y o u r   computers,  laptops  and  mobile  devices? iScan Online, Inc.! 5600 Tennyson Pkwy, #380! phishing, malware, hacking and Plano, TX 75024! vulnerability exploitation. 19% 19% of breaches include 214-276-1150! 1. SC Magazine awards iScan Online Industry Innovator of the Year - 2013

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