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Published on January 2, 2009

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Facilitation Training II : Facilitation Training II NBCT Mentor Training 2003-2004 7 Illinois Regions Expected Outcomes : Expected Outcomes Identify and apply facilitation strategies. Analyze facilitation performance. Generate lists of additional facilitation strategies Reflect on helpful hints. Materials : Materials PowerPoint Presentation Handouts Post-Its Chart Paper (Agenda, Parking Lot, Meeting Section Headings, etc. Markers ReviewTrainer VS Facilitator : ReviewTrainer VS Facilitator Gives information. Directs learning. Operates on outcomes. Has timeframe. Plans sequence. Is cognitive. Designs a priori. Moves from known to unknown. Nurtures. Guides interaction. Operates on overarching goals. Has an undetermined timeframe. Has a repertoire to draw from to plan. is intuitive. Designs in media res. Moves from unknown to known. AgendaMeeting Design Sections : AgendaMeeting Design Sections Opening Interactive Activities Facilitation Tips Debrief Closure/Reflection Additional Strategies : Additional Strategies Throughout this session, identify additional facilitation strategies and write each one on a Post-it note. Post under one of the following headings on the chart paper: opening, interactive activities, facilitation tips, debrief, closure/reflection. Ways to Open a Meeting : Ways to Open a Meeting Distribute the list of attendees and make introductions. Distribute the agenda and discuss the meeting’s purpose and goals. Review the minutes from the previous meeting. Set or review ground rules. Initiate discussion. Opening Introduction : Introduction Activity: In whole group if under 10 people, otherwise in small groups— Introduce yourself with name, position, and description of one strategy for making introductions you’ve experienced before. Helpful Hint: Select topics from the meeting content to enable participants to share their prior knowledge as a way of introduction. Opening Collaborative Goal Setting : Collaborative Goal Setting Activity: In whole group, review the agenda on a chart paper. Individually, identify what you want to learn about each topic. In whole group, revise the agenda. Helpful Hint: Solicit input from participants at the beginning so they identify their personal expectations and may understand one another’s expected outcomes. Opening Ground Rules : Ground Rules Activity: In small groups, review the “Learning Community Behaviors.” Clarify terms. Add or delete behaviors. In whole group, come to consensus of acceptable norms for the group. Helpful Hint: Participants may develop ground rules from scratch or revise a list but must buy into them. Opening Parking Lot : Parking Lot Definition: A place to record ideas, questions, or agenda items. Strategy: Put Post-its on the tables so participants can jot notes and post their thoughts on a chart paper or board as the meeting progresses. Helpful Hint: This strategy defers conversation, keeps people on track, and ensures items will be addressed. Opening List of Interactive Activities : List of Interactive Activities Brainstorming Round Robin Interventions Taking Stock Carousel Gallery Walk Brainstorming : Brainstorming Activity: Skim brainstorm guidelines. In groups of four, one person facilitate and another record the group’s brainstorm list of instructional strategies that would show evidence of the NBPTS standard on student interaction. Helpful Hint: Avoid long answers and clarification so all can contribute to a list. Explanation comes later. Interactive Activities Recording : Recording Activity: In groups of four, review the “Tips for Recording” handout. One person facilitate the group to identify what worked and did not work in recording the previous brainstorm activity. Helpful Hint: The focus should be on clearly displaying the accurate meaning of participants’ words. Interactive Activities Ways to Organize Interactive Activities Brainstormed Lists : Ways to Organize Interactive Activities Brainstormed Lists Activity: Read through “Ways to Organize Brainstormed Lists” handout. In groups of four, choose one method and organize the brainstormed list. Helpful Hint: The discussion to logically order the lists will help participants to process the information and clarify the meaning. Round Robin : Round Robin Activity: Individually, read the page of the written commentary and rubric. List specific examples of evidence that meets the rubric’s key concepts. In groups of four, one person will facilitate the group to share their findings by each person speaking one after the other. Helpful Hint: This strategy helps dominant people to listen and timid people to speak by structuring them to take turns. Interactive Activities Helpful Hints to Maximize Participation : Helpful Hints to Maximize Participation Post the agenda, goals, and purposes on charts. Solicit participants’ goals early in the meeting. Invite “quiet” participants’ to share. Do process checks—Are we on track? Acknowledge but do NOT judge. Clarify actions and assign tasks. Facilitating Discussions : Facilitating Discussions Activity: In pairs, skim the “Facilitative Behaviors” handout. In groups of four, one person will facilitate the group to discuss how they will coach the candidate about the written commentary. Helpful Hint: Focus on two or three facilitative behaviors to engage and support continuous flow of dialogue among the group members. Interactive Activities Carousel/Gallery Walk : Carousel/Gallery Walk Activity: Read and follow the directions on the “Carousel” handout to generate lists of activities for each of the following meeting parts: Opening, Interactive Activities, Debrief, Facilitation Tips, Closure/Reflection. Helpful Hints: The facilitator should move from group to group and employ interventions to keep open exchange of ideas. Interactive Activities Gallery Walk Helpful Hints : Gallery Walk Helpful Hints Participants may write on the Post-its at their tables and post throughout the session or at a designated time. The facilitator should act as a timekeeper. After the initial posting, participants may use the brainstorm organizers to move the Post-it ideas into a logical order. The facilitator may type up the ideas on the chart paper to distribute after the meeting or at the next meeting. Interactive Activities Facilitation Tips Resources : Facilitation Tips Resources “Facilitating Meetings” handout Website Resources Facilitation Tips mentor resources How to Keep ‘em Happy! : How to Keep ‘em Happy! Helpful Hint: In small groups, Identify issues or situations in sessions that cause tension for individuals or among groups. Prepare chart paper with two headings—“Avoid” and “Intervene”. List strategies to avoid or intervene with groups to lessen tension. Facilitation Tips Debrief : Debrief Plus/Delta + ? On chart paper, list two column headings as plus and delta. Facilitate the group to list under the + what worked and under the ? what should be changed. Closure : Closure Summarize concepts in agenda. Identify Next Steps. Expectations before next meeting. Future Communications Follow-up actions Next meeting date Reflect—Were expectations met? Helpful Hint: Facilitate participants to know where they have been and to decide what happens next. Reflection : Reflection What worked? What do you need? What other comments do you want to share?

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