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Published on September 22, 2014

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Industry Studies 1 Make, Take and Sell Challenge: Developing a communication plan for your product Topic Number: 7

Overview After making sure that you product gets produced through a global supply chain and then is distributed in market, it becomes important that consumers hear about it. In todays work shop we will develop a compelling communication strategy for your product to ensure that it appeals to your target audience. We will initially look at what it makes to develop a compelling communication and how you should structure a communication plan. Thereafter, we will take a look at a number of creative executions that have made a lasting impact on their target audience.

Learning outcomes for these workshops • To be able to create a strategy to a develop a compelling communication • Critically evaluate the different communication approaches • Understand and be able to go through the communication creation process • Be able to put together a communications brief together and create a mood film • Build a media plan to target your core customer audiences

* Communicate in a way that differentiates you

* The power of great communications View video:

* What is a compelling communication? • Memorable – sticks in peoples minds • Insightful – Built on a sound customer insight • Relevant – It is meaningful to the audience • Branded – Stands out from competitors • Emotional – Emotional and rational appeal Beyond all this it drives a consumer perception & response you want

* What is a compelling communication? Brand Response Salience Differentiation Bond/Loyalty Keeps the brand from of mind for when a need occurs e.g. When I run out of soap I will choose Dove Direct Response Ensuring the brand is differentiated from its competitors e.g. I can identify the brand the second I see the ad Creates relevant and loyalty to the brand e.g. If I want bake beans its got to be Heinz Motivation Identifies Need Call to Action It motivates me to take action immediately e.g. I have been putting it off but ill do it now Jogs your memory that its something you need or need to do e.g. my insurance is up for renewal Clear concise message of what the consumer needs to do e.g. call us now on…

* Brand Response Communications View video:

* Direct Response Communications View video:

* Task 1: Designing a communication brief In your groups take 15 minutes to design a communication brief. To help you use the following slides as a structure for what you should include.

* Task 1: Designing a communication brief The brief acts as the CRITICAL LINK between the proposition and communication The QUALITY of the brief impacts the quality of creative output Gives clear CREATIVE and MEDIA direction and inspiration unlocking creative imagination and talent It also acts as a CONTRACT against which all work is judged

Background What is the big picture? What are the key trends in the marketplace? Any challenges or opportunities in the market? For example: In March 2014 c5 million will be coming to renew their ISA we believe people are looking for an account that values their loyalty so they do not need to keep changing each year our product does just that. Objectives Concise statement of the effect the ad should have one consumers. Consider think, feel and do. Refer back to the brand & direct response objectives. For example: We would like consumers to feel like they can trust us with their savings for the long-term, making them feel more secure with us and increasing sales of our account by 20% * What is in the brief?

Target Audience Some up both the demographic and attitudinal audiences you would like to talk to with this communication For example: Young professionals that are highly mobile, have a high need for security and are financially savvy that they are continually looking for the best rate Consumer Insight Some up what is driving you to believe that there is a gap in the consumer/market for your offering For example: Consumers feel let down that banks constantly offer new customer higher rates rather than rewarding existing customers for their loyalty * What is in the brief?

Single most important message If only one message was communicated what would it be? This is the most important thing consumers should know For example: Trust us to look after your savings over the long term and we will never be beaten on rate Reasons they will believe Proof points or features that validate the message For example: We constantly check the market and up our rates if someone is offering a higher rate We send you a daily statement with market rates so you can compare * What is in the brief?

Budget & Timing How much can we spend on media and creative? When does the campaign go live? For example: National Campaign Budget Media - £950,000 Production- £1,000,000 1st January 2015 * What is in the brief? Channel Considerations Indicate what media lines would be preferred for this campaign using the ATL/BTL For example: ATL: TV, Billboards and Web banners BTL: Direct mail and social

Task 1: Feedback to the group Each group has 5 minutes to feedback

* Task 2: Analysing a communication strategy In your groups watch one of the adverts below and take 10 minutes to analyse the communications strategy behind it. To help you use the briefing slides.

* What was the brief for this ad? View video:

* What was the brief for this ad? View video:

* What was the brief for this ad? View video:

Task 2: Your pricing strategy Each group has 5 minutes to feedback

* Task 3: Developing your creative approach In your groups take 15 minutes to consider your creative approach for your communication. Give consideration to the type of media channels that you would use as well.

* Creative Idea Come up with the core creative idea that hangs off the brand promise and core benefit (5 Whys!) Functional Benefit Increasingly emotional I can have all my banking in one place So I can save time and hassle It keeps me and my family secure Gives us freedom to enjoy life together A Package Bank Account Another example: iPod – play music whenever and wherever you want

* Find a way to be novel Video:

* Why is the right channel so important? Biggest Investment Reach the right audience Maximize msg impact Fit with brand Maximize effectiveness Maximize ROI

Task 3: Creative Idea Each group has 5 minutes to feedback

End of Workshop Note: This recording is for your personal use only and not for further distribution or wider review. © Pearson College 2013

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