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Published on September 22, 2014

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Industry Studies 1 Workshop: Group Evaluation and Feedback Topic Number: 10

* Learning outcomes for these workshops • Be able give and receive constructive feedback from peers • Undertake a reflective exercise to critically evaluate individual and group performance • Highlight and develop an action plan to improve in key skill gap areas • Work with others to form a roadmap and check-in points to assess improvements

* Structure of the session – Group Self Assessment In your groups consider each section for 10 minutes per section. Thereafter, you will have 5 minutes to present your thoughts to the class and get feedback

* Consider your proposition • What were the defining features and attributes of your proposition and do you think they would appeal to your target audience? • Do you think your proposition was differentiated from competitor offerings? • Do you think you had a strong and compelling core consumer insight? 10 Mins • If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

* Consider how you sourced materials and manufactured the product • Were you able to identify the best location and raw materials? • Do you think the manufacturing option you decided on met the requirement? • Did you consider all the manufacturing implications? 10 Mins

* Logistics to take products to market • Consider how you decided on a particular distribution strategy 10 Mins • What challenges do you think you may face when distributing your product? • Did you consider how best to package your product to distribute it effectively? • Were you able to accurately predict demand for your product?

* Consider your pricing strategy • What was your overall pricing strategy? • How did you intend on pricing for early adopters? • Did you consider all the costs? 10 Mins • Did you ensure your pricing enabled you to make a sufficient profit?

* Consider your communication strategy • Do you feel you had a powerful communication with all the key messages? • Do you feel your communication was memorable and that a consumer would re-call it when they had a need for your product? • Did you choose the media channels appropriately? • What would you do differently next time? 10 Mins

* Overall presentation • How did you feel your group presented to the judges? • Consider your groups strengths and development areas • What would you do differently next time around? 10 Mins

Group 1

Questions and Feedback

Group 2

Questions and Feedback

Group 3

Questions and Feedback

Group 4

Questions and Feedback

End of Workshop Note: This recording is for your personal use only and not for further distribution or wider review. © Pearson College 2013

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