Is Your Website SmartPhone Ready?

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Published on March 15, 2016

Author: DavidRoberts115


1. .‘ ' group VII i' v “A ll 2.1 Billion - fl people , . own a smartphone Segment your most recent 3 months of '9: ‘. website visits by Desktop. Mobile. and . Tablet and calculate the percentage of 80% Of people who browse the internet do so on their phones I Google Analytics will have all 7:59 the information you need to understand your website 80% Android 17% IOS I _ IOS and Android make up an . -:3 e - astonishing combined total of 97% of the smartphone market. traffic that comes from mobile device traffic. users. 1"" “.7 X’: 7 . 1 ‘ . - ~4 ‘L ( t _ . =-at / I/. '-'1 1 " {- I V ‘V in a ‘ '1, ‘it ' . - . / . ‘ ‘ ' I ll ‘ ' CONVERTIONS CONVER A TIONS __ If you've determined that mobile or tablet . You might find a landing page that {,1 :15, users aren't converting at the rate of 7; .1‘ frequently converts on your desktop site desktop users. then it's time to become is impossible to fill out on your mobile that user and figure out what's causing device due to the small form fields. the drop. .-. -'91. ' . ‘ ‘ ; II-migu = ‘. ou-1‘-111-—‘ '1‘-Il~: <II)n -if uoiu '. 'I*~i'-xiixa, -59:- * — — — , M=I, ‘.(-— mm -n. !u= m '. 't= i'oi. ~ail~— i_[‘—¥-‘tutu l= ¥~‘1§l0)fl~‘fL'l= : 5!. Emllg‘ 3:, :91; in min -4-)ou_-mgv inn; I: =w= Ilr= I‘-)K. - In in: =ig; _o -‘1lIJl'- into‘ gt-I-ggils _o)l-= ' moi: -.. ff% 55% of people leave your ', '. ' website in less than 15 seconds. . Usually because of the way it looks. and not all websites will look good on a smartphone. 1'. ‘ f. '_'Ll£> 3'3 6 -. ‘Y. =ill'Il= !.~‘ -1- . A:u-‘. |.¢-it-‘. » . »“I| .lAg)__IlO). Ii _i. t:vi_i‘! : , ~‘jl: ~~o_p). uI'I= ).I'I all of : nm. - . I.'! :_i_. ~4.‘c« = ll= l.I. Il= I.IIi. ~‘ no» _ , Can you click to call? Click to 9'. a’- email? It's essential that if . someone wants to speak to you or send an email they don't want to have to write anything. 1:’. “'_I, ‘:: ‘- II I Ijl Are important navigation 7 I ‘L 1 points accessible with buttons? If you really want something clicked, make it into a button. "ii . li‘] ‘ l [. av-v. v-v. v. "| I'j_%: JjIII! _l. rm All 1II, IIl@Ili| _§3jIlI§/ gi. 'CI. Jli powered by .3 gj Pil<t0ch0ir’r ’ ' make Information beautiful ‘i. ‘- = use : «tg+:2:t.

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