Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Driving in Colorado?

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Information about Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Driving in Colorado?

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: McDivittLawFirm



Colorado winters can be tough on drivers and vehicles. Review these simple tips from McDivitt Law Firm to promote safer winter driving and increase the longevity of your car, truck or SUV.


Winter is already here, but we have a LONG WAY TO GO. The following tips will help you and your car make it through the season safely. Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

WINTER MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST antifreeze air wipers pressure tires Though these are all elements of year-round vehicle upkeep, they are especially important to consider when the air is frigid and the roads are slick. fluid Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

ANTIFREEZE Antifreeze is an essential part of your car’s winter protection. Your car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. • Make sure the level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50. • Many auto service stations and repair centers will check this mixture for free, or you can buy a tester for around $5.00. • The other primary function of antifreeze is to keep your cooling system from rusting. The rust inhibitors in antifreeze break down over time and need to be renewed. Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

WINDSHIELD WIPERS Your wipers need to be in first-class condition to keep your windshield clean and safe. It’s also important to turn your wipers off before shutting off the engine. Why? Water frequently freezes overnight during the winter. If your blades freeze to the windshield, when you go to start your car, the wiper motor may burn out trying to get them back to the rest position. Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

WIPER FLUID On a snowy or messy day, you can easily go through half a gallon of fluid or more. In bad weather, and especially when there is slush and other material on the road, you need to make sure your windshield washer reservoir is full. Keep some extra fluid in the trunk, and make sure you get the good stuff. Stay away from the alreadyhalf-frozen stuff outside your local gas station! Some of these cheap fluids freeze around zero degrees. Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

GOOD TIRES The best option most Colorado drivers is a good set of snow tires. At the very least, check for these signs your tires need to be replaced: • Cracks in the sidewall. • Visible blisters, bulges or tears. • Strong vibrations while driving. • Worn down tread (below 1/16 of an inch.) Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

TIRE PRESSURE Tire pressure drops by about one pound per ten degrees of temperature. So, if it’s minus 10º now, and the last time you checked your tire pressure was back during that sweltering heat wave in July, your tires will be dangerously low and will jeopardize your car’s handling. Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm Temperature Air Pressure Low Tire Danger

EMERGENCY CHECKLIST       The Center for Disease Control recommends keeping the following items in your vehicle: cell phone and  water  road salt charger  snack food  booster cables shovel  extra hats, coats  emergency flares windshield and gloves  flag or HELP signs scraper  blankets  first aid kit battery powered  chains  road map radio  canned  compass flashlight compressed air  waterproof extra batteries  tool kit McDivitt Law Firm matches Copyright 2014

BE SAFE! Winter driving demands an alert driver. Before starting your trip, don’t forget to clear ice and snow from your headlights and mirrors along with your windshield. Please use appropriate speeds and extreme caution when traveling in poor weather. Remember, just because you have experience driving in the snow doesn’t mean the motorist in the vehicle across the road does! Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

Have YOU been injured in an accident? We hope not! But if you have, McDivitt Law Firm is here to help. • Your initial consultation is free. • You pay nothing unless we win your case for you. Want to learn more? Download our free guide, The Auto Accident Victim’s Toolkit below. • If you can’t come to our office, we’ll come to you. Copyright 2014 McDivitt Law Firm

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