Is Your Home Care Agency Making These Common Recruiting Mistakes?

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Information about Is Your Home Care Agency Making These Common Recruiting Mistakes?
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: kenyonhomecareconsulting


Is  Your  Home  Care  Agency  Making  These  Common  Recruiting  Mistakes?     Recruiting  new  employees  for  your  home  care   agency  can  be  a  difficult  process.  You  have  to   create  job  descriptions,  interview  applicants,   make  hiring  decisions,  and  have  an  onboarding   strategy—to  name  just  a  few  of  the  challenges.   And  you  have  to  get  it  right.  After  all,  your   caregivers  and  office  staff  are  an  extension  of   your  company.  You  need  the  best  in  the  business.       Unfortunately,  the  recruiting  process  for  new   staff  is  tedious,  and  many  home  care  agency   owners  and  managers  simply  don’t  have  time  for   it.  But  not  taking  the  time  to  find  and  hire  the   ideal  employee  can  have  disastrous  results.   Fortunately,  there  are  ways  to  ensure  you  hire  the   best  staff  for  your  agency  and  your  clients.  Here   are  some  of  the  most  common  mistakes  home  care  agencies  make  during  the  recruitment   process,  and  what  you  can  do  to  avoid  committing  them.       Not  Having  a  Position  Profile     You  need  to  start  with  a  clear  position  profile  before  you  even  think  about  recruiting  new   staff.  Who  are  the  customers  they  will  be  serving,  and  what  personality  traits  do  employees   need  to  have  to  effectively  work  with  them?  What  are  the  demands  of  the  position?  What   specific  skills  are  needed  to  perform  well  in  the  position?  Create  a  detailed  profile  for  every   open  position  that  includes  a  description  of  the  job’s  responsibilities.  Then  consult  with  all  of   the  departments  in  your  agency  to  get  different  perspectives  on  the  ideal  candidate.  You  can   also  work  with  a  home  care  consultant  to  help  develop  a  comprehensive  profile.  There  are   also  validated  personality  tests  on  the  market  that  will  help  you  decide  which  applicant  fits   your  needs.       Not  Having  a  Hiring  Team   A  lot  of  home  care  agencies  make  the  mistake  of  putting  together  a  recruiting  team   haphazardly.  Most  staff  members  don’t  hire  on  a  frequent  basis  and  are  given  the  task  of   hiring  a  new  employee  in  addition  to  their  normal  responsibilities.  The  combination  of  this  

lack  of  experience  and  the  extra  workload  rarely  turns  out  well  for  anyone.  Instead,  designate   a  capable  team  to  implement  the  recruiting  process  for  your  home  care  agency.  You  also   want  to  create  hiring  policies  and  procedures,  make  sure  they  are  printed  and  accessible  to  all   team  members,  and  verify  that  they’re  following  them.     Not  Assigning  Responsibilities     Using  high-­‐paid  management  to  handle  all  aspects  of  the  recruiting  process  is  expensive  and   wasteful.  Assign  smaller  tasks,  such  as  filing  applications,  scheduling  interviews,  and  other   administrative  duties  to  members  of  the  appropriate  team  members  to  maximize  your   resources.     Not  Screening  Prospective  Hires     Recruiting  the  right  home  care  employees  shouldn’t  be  subjective.  A  new  team  member   should  meet  the  requirements  of  the  position,  prove  his  or  her  skills,  and  be  knowledgeable.   Many  agencies  make  the  mistake  of  taking  an  applicant’s  resume  at  face  value.  It  may  sound   harsh,  but  you  can’t  always  believe  a  candidate  has  the  skills,  training,  and  experience  just   because  they’re  listed  on  a  resume.  You  may  soon  discover  that  you’ve  made  a  big  mistake   and  hired  an  unqualified  person  for  the  job.  Always  perform  skills  validation  testing  and   thorough  reference  checks  during  the  recruiting  process  to  ensure  every  employee  is  the  right   fit  for  the  position.       Hiring  For  the  Wrong  Reasons   In  our  organizational  assessments  with  home  care  agencies,  we  often  come  across  employees   whose  skills  don’t  match  their  job  requirements.  Some  owners  even  admit  they  hired   someone  who  was  friendly  and  said  all  the  right  things  in  an  interview,  only  to  find  out  later   that  she  was  unqualified.  This  rush  to  judgment  typically  happens  because  they  needed  to  fill   a  vacancy  quickly.       It  goes  without  saying  that  the  likeability  of  a  candidate  doesn’t  automatically  make  her  a   good  fit  for  a  position.  It’s  easy  to  let  personal  feelings  cloud  what  is  important  in  the   recruiting  process:  finding  the  most  qualified  person  who  will  excel  in  the  position.  Try  not  to   let  emotions  guide  your  decisions.  Taking  these  kinds  of  risks  almost  never  pays  off  if  you   want  to  build  a  successful  home  care  agency.     Make  the  Right  Move   Be  aggressive  with  your  search,  but  also  be  patient  to  find  the  best  staff  for  your  business.  If   you  need  assistance  creating  a  hiring  protocol  or  managing  the  entire  recruiting  process,  

consider  working  with  a  home  care  consultant.  Kenyon  HomeCare  Consulting  can  provide   your  agency  with  the  guidance  it  needs  to  attract  and  recruit  the  right  people  for  all  of  your   job  openings.     Schedule  an  appointment  online  at  or  call  206.721.5091  to  speak  with   one  of  our  home  care  consultants.  You  can  also  sign  up  to  receive  Kenyon  Connects,  our   weekly  eNewsletter  that  provides  tips  for  growing  your  home  care  agency.    

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