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Information about IS YOUR BREAKFAST KILLING U??!

Published on July 14, 2009

Author: joannetanch


HELLO FROM THE TOTAL WELLNESS SUPPORT CENTRE! : HELLO FROM THE TOTAL WELLNESS SUPPORT CENTRE! We are a group of dedicated Wellness Coaches on a mission for NUTRITION! How? Together with Herbalife International, we teach people to improve their eating habits- starting with a healthy breakfast! Millions worldwide have already benefited from our healthy breakfast program… AND SO CAN YOU! ASK YOURSELF: COULD CHANGING YOUR BREAKFAST SAVE YOUR LIFE?? CLICK THROUGH THIS PRESENTATION TO FIND OUT! Slide 2: Fried Bee Hoon – 250 Cal Roti Canai – 301 Cal Nasi Lemak – 474 Cal Mee Goreng – 750 Cal Plain Bread – 70 Cal Oats – 150 Cal Milo (16oz) – 290 Cal OR NOTHING! DID YOU KNOW? Your body is made up of over 100 trillion cells that demand 144 nutrients every morning so it can function during the day and repair itself effectively at night! BUT what do you feed it? So why is breakfast REALLY the most important meal of the day? : So why is breakfast REALLY the most important meal of the day? It produces Insulin to regulate blood sugar levels which control your hunger, energy levels and the production of body fat, depending on what you eat… SIMPLE! YOU ARE RULED BY YOUR PANCREAS STARTING AT BREAKFAST! Slide 5: AN IDEAL BREAKFAST IS . . . BALANCED, AFFORDABLE, CONVENIENT AND WITHIN 30 DAYS, YOU WOULD EXPERIENCE: Hunger Control Stable energy all day Better sleep quality Better digestion Lower body fat Inch loss And much more! WHERE CAN YOU GET THIS KIND OF A BREAKFAST? Slide 6: OUR HEALTHY BREAKFAST PROGRAM OF COURSE! It’s a simple 30 day programme that nourishes, energizes and hydrates! ENERGIZE An instant tea, offering all the health benefits of green tea with the convenience and energy boost of instant coffee. NOURISH A balanced Formula 1 meal satisfies, is fast to prepare and contains only 90-250 calories! 5 delicious flavours guarantees variety for your whole family! HYDRATE A large glass of water is the best way to begin every day to replace fluids lost during sleep. Drink 3 litres a day and feel great! + + Slide 7: By taking a balance protein-based breakfast, Jimmy and I manage to reshape our bodies and get healthier! We got back our energy level and improved our stamina. My years of migraine, sinus, indigestion, gastric problems and body ache are gone and I lost a total of 4kg. Thanks to a great breakfast, my husband, Jimmy lost 7kg in 5 weeks and started building lean muscles! He also got rid of his lung congestion and a 4-year insomnia problem! Slide 9: Thanks to the healthy breakfast program, Elizabeth lost 4kg in 4 weeks, got great energy, and no longer needs the ventolin inhaler which she used almost every day for 13 years! By sharing her healthy breakfast with her family… Her mother lost 9kg in 3months, reduced her water retention, and her brother lost 10kg in 10 weeks and improved his confidence! Slide 10: By using our Healthy Breakfast Program and adding a healthy dinner, Jacky lost 31kg and Melissa lost 13kg! Best of all, she is now medication free! Slide 11: By changing their breakfasts, husband and wife, Jamie and Jerry managed to reshape their bodies and get healthy! Jerry personalized his program to gain weight, and built 6kg of lean muscle in 3 months! Jamie got rid of her constipation, improved her skin and lost 5kg! Slide 12: Jamie was introduced to the healthy breakfast program by her brother Jerry. In 1 year, her acne completely disappeared and her body reshaped! Best of all, by sharing her breakfast with the family, her husband Jason got his cholesterol and fatty liver conditions under control! Even their daughter enjoys her healthy breakfast! Slide 13: After being introduced to the Healthy Breakfast Program by a colleague, Joan improved her stamina, went from a size L to S in 4 months, got back into pre-maternity shape and lost a total of 9.5kg! By sharing her healthy breakfast with her family, Joan helped her 68 year old Mother in law, Juliette to shape up and reduce her blood sugar from 15% to 6.4% in just 8 months! START YOUR FAMILY’S DAY THE RIGHT WAY! : START YOUR FAMILY’S DAY THE RIGHT WAY! YOUR WELLNESS COACH WILL BE HAPPY TO PROVIDE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH : FREE SAMPLING CUSTOMISED BREAKFAST PROGRAMS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS A COMPLETE FOLLOW UP SERVICE NUTRITION AND WELLNESS EDUCATION A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE A LIFETIME OF HEALTH! CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE SAMPLES TODAY! Slide 15: WANT TO REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Help us to help others! It’s SIMPLE! Forward this E-mail to 10 people that you care about. JUST 10! You’ll earn a FREE family body scan health check for 5 people that would normally cost RM48-100 per scan! That’s RM250-500 worth of free health checks! You can also visit our WORK FROM HOME website to learn how to be a Wellness Coach! With the rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure on the rise, the DEMAND for our service has never been BIGGER! If you like helping others , have an extra 8-10 hours a week and are open to learning new skills, tell the person that directed you to this presentation for more information!

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