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Published on January 15, 2014

Author: lynnli3


Is Google panic? Let’s check the companies Google purchased in 2013 to guess from VIKI. NO. Time The company Google purchased Area 122 March 12th,2013 DNNresearch Inc. Neural Networks 123 March 15th,2013 Talaria Cloud Computing 124 Apr 12th,2013 Behavio Sensor 125 Apr 23th,2013 Wavii Natural semantic processing 126 May 23th,2013 Makani Power Wind turbine power 129 Oct.2nd,2013 Flutter Gesture recognition technology 130 Oct 22th,2013 FlexyCore System Optimization 131 Dec 15th,2013 Boston Dynamics Robot manufacturers Okay, firstly, I want to ask one question, after see this, what do you think? For me, first I think it seems to do a big system about Artificial Intelligence project. What do you think the future life? As we know, human as the only Senior intelligence Biological are looking for the same Senior intelligence Biological all the time, but unfortunately, nothing get. So we are infatuated with Artificial Intelligence. These years, we found so many smart or intelligent things or products appear in our life, like smart phone, smart TV, smart home, Robot etc, We are so fanatical to create smart products to change our life. According to this, so we can understand what’s the future life Google think, Artificial Intelligence products are made up our new life. We can “communicate”with products,. We can “communicate” with the natural.

Do you remember the film about Jobs? when Jobs asked Cook, what do you think the smart phone? Cook said that was natural extension of the human. Maybe that were real life in the future, so some big company like Apple, Google are focusing on these areas and relation tech all the time. So Google purchase Nest, not means it will go into smart home area, it means Google will put smart home into its big system about Artificial Intelligence. Not just home, all the buildings, machine, traffic etc, all the items in our life will be into its Artificial Intelligence. ecosphere . It also means a new era is coming , that is Artificial Intelligence era. New era must occur new huge and great companies, so Google has to purchase companies to build its king, it worries about these new companies which have Artificial Intelligence tech to beat it. But this era also is a disruptive Innovation era, so there must have some new companies will be the new king in this era. Wulian IoT sensor technology Co.,ltd, it is one of them, it focus on home automation system and solutions now, in the future, it will cover all the things in our life, it’s home automation system will change the whole world and crate a new life style in the future . So in the 2014, we will see more and more Artificial Intelligence technology companies will be purchased by Google, but only the ones which stand by their own feet can be the new king in the new era.

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