Irregular Verb Wall for Display

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Information about Irregular Verb Wall for Display

Published on March 21, 2014

Author: xarisvilla



Create an "Irregular Verb" Wall.
The white cards have a picture, the word (in regular form). The black cards have the "irregular past tense" and uses the verb in a sentence.
These were created with a Hong Kong ESL Classroom in mind

be! begin! become! beat! bend!

was / were ! began! became! bent! beat! I was happy. ! You were there.! He beat you in the competition.! The frog became a prince!! The princess began to cry.! He was so strong – he bent the metal.!

bite! break! blow! bring! bleed!

bit! broke! blew! brought! bled! The dog bit the bone. ! The kingʼs wound bled a lot.! The girl blew her birthday candles.! Oh no! I broke the vase.! My mother brought me to the hospital.!

build! buy! burst! catch! burn!

built! bought! burst! caught! burnt! Rome wasnʼt built in a day.! Oh no! I burnt the food!! The little girl burst into tears.! Dad bought me a lot of stuff.! I caught a grasshopper!!

choose! do! cut! dig! come!

chose! did! cut! caught! came! I chose the red one.! Iʼm so happy you came to my party.! I cut my hair last week.! Yes, he did.! Good Kitty! You caught a mouse.!

draw! drive! drink! eat! dream!

drew! drove! drank! ate! dreamt! I want to see the picture you drew.! I dreamed / dreamt I went to heaven.! I drank lots of water.! The bus driver drove well. ! I ate so much food!!

fall! fight! feel! find! feed!

fell! fought! felt! found! fed! It fell down from the sky!! I fed the dog already.! I felt so tired.! They fought over everything.! I found the hidden treasure!!

fly! freeze! forgive! get! forget!

flew! froze! forgave! got! forgot! The kite flew in the sky.! Oh no! I forgot my homework.! The father forgave his son.! They nearly froze to death.! I finally got 100 marks!!

give! hang! have! go! grow!

gave! hung! grew! had! went! I gave you a present.! They went to Ocean Park.! I grew up in this house.! We hung decorations everywhere.! I had to get two kinds of shoes.!

hear! hold! hit! hurt! hide!

heard! held! hit! hurt! hid! I heard your secret!! He hid inside the cupboard.! I hit the monster in the eye.! My mum held me when I was sad.! I hurt myself while I was cleaning.!

keep! leave! lead! lend! know!

kept! left! led! lent! knew! Jack kept quiet until the giant left.! I never knew you played!! I led my group through the task.! Somebody left their bag here.! My dad lent me his camera.!

let! make! lose! meet! light!

let! made! lost! met! lit! Why did you let them do it?! Her smile lit up the room.! Oh no! I lost my wallet!! I made this just for you.! I met you yesterday.!

pay! ride! read! ring! put!

paid! rode! read! rang! put! Who paid for the bill?! Who put this on my table?! Have you read the book?! I rode in the car with him.! I rang my friend for help.!

rise! see! say! sell! run!

rose! saw! said! sold! ran! We rose to greet the king.! I ran as fast as I could.! “I love you,” he said.! I saw a dragon!! You sold our cow for beans?!!

send! shoot! shake! shut! set!

sent! shot! shook! shut! set! The school sent me to join the competition.! I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m.! The earthquake shook the building.! Oh no! I shot the wrong person. ! The windows were shut closed.!

sing! sleep! sit! speak! sink!

sang! slept! sat! spoke! sank! You sang beautifully!! The ship sank into the deep sea.! I sat down to rest.! I slept for only two hours.! You spoke for a long time.!

spend! swim! steal! take! stand!

spent! swam! stole! took! stood! I spent too much money.! We stood for a long time.! You stole my money!! I swam a lot in the pool.! I took the cookie from the cookie jar.!

teach! think! tell! throw! tear!

taught! thought! told! threw! tore! I have taught for 7 years. ! I tore the ugly paper.! I told everyone the good news.! I thought you were at work.! Who threw away the rubbish?!

understand! win! wear! write! wake!

understood! won! wore! wrote! woke! I understood what you said.! I woke my mum up.! I wore my favourite shirt.! My class won the competition.! I quickly wrote down my answers.!

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