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Information about Irlanda

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: chisab


Ireland: Ire la nd PowerPoint Presentation: This is the flag of Irland The capital of Irland is Dublin: The capital of Irland is Dublin This is the custom house of Dublin This is the castle of Dublin This is the cathedral of Dublin The form of government: The form of government Ireland is a parliamentary republic. The President of Ireland is elected by the people for seven years and may be reelected only once. The real power of government is instead entrusted to the Prime Minister , who is appointed by the House and appointed by the President. The government is constitutionally limited to 15 members. The bicameral parliament, consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of 60 members . The electoral system is very intersting, the single transferable vote , which combines the choice of candidates for high ordinal proportionality. The Irish really appreciate this electoral system. In recent years, one of the most well-known public Irish abroad was Mary. The spoken language: The spoken language In Irland people speak Irish Gaelic and English. Irish Gaelic is the official language but English is the second official language . Go raibh maith agat (in Irish Gaelic ) Thank you or thanks (in English) The climate: The climate The climate is Atlantic. The temperature is mild. In Irland it rains a lot. This is the grafic of the temperature. This is the picture of the sky after the rain with the rainbow . The coin: The coin In Irland there is the euro. On the coin there is the celtic harp . These are Irish coins . A famous Irish writer: A famous Irish writer James Joyce James Joyce is one of the most important Irish novelist and poet . He was born in 1882 in Dublin . His most important works are Dubliners , A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses. The Irish territory: The Irish territory The Irish territory is undulating and hilly , especially in the centre. In the north there are mountains . The most important river is the Shannon that runs through the western part of the country. The lakes are numerous but they are low and small. Economy: Economy Irish economy is developing. In agriculture, a portion of the land is used for cattles and sheep, from where we get the wool. While the industry is developing mainly in the technological field and computing. Very active are also the industries that produce beer and whiskey. Tourism is also highly developed. PowerPoint Presentation: This is the work of: Arianna Martellino

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