Irish Lady with Instrument

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Information about Irish Lady with Instrument

Published on July 19, 2009

Author: associazionebastioni


Slide 1: Irish lady with instrument 19th century oil on canvas Slide 2: Tear on orginal canvas The tear seen with a raking light Slide 3: The canvas seen from behind The white substance around the tear is crushed wax that has lost its adhesion Slide 4: The relined canvas was partially opened in order to allow work on the tear Relined canvas Tear Original canvas Slide 5: The tear before our intervention The tear sealed with a thermoplastic resin and reinforced with a fiber matt. The tear and the relining canvas sealed Slide 6: Before our intervention During our intervention After our intervention st 129 : st 129 Slide 9: BASTIONI Associazione per la ricerca e lo studio delle opere d’arte Via San Niccolò 91r, Firenze 50125 Cell 329123 3221 Daniela Murphy Corella Via San Niccolò 91r Firenze 50125 Cell 3394445965

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