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Information about Ireland - symbols, culture and language

Published on March 5, 2014

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Presentation about Irish symbols, culture and Language

Éire - Ireland

Images of Ireland  What do you know about Ireland and Irish Culture?  QwNlhPOUp3/edit?usp=sharing

1.The Shamrock  1. This is a symbol of Ireland, it is called a Shamrock (seamróg) or a clover.  It has religious significance as St. Patrick used it to teach people about religion.  A four leaf Shamrock is called a 4 leaf clover and is supposed to bring luck to whoever finds one .

2.Hurling  This is an Irish sport called hurling.  Women’s version called camoige.  Played with a sliotar and a hurl.  Video of Hurling: m/watch?v=fgEMvRrOCR

3.Bodhrán  Bodhrán - Is an Irish hand held drum used to play traditional Irish music.  Video of a popular current song in style of traditional Irish music. /watch?v=ZrsC3BjUjtc

4. Irish Dancing/Riverdance  Riverdance first performed during the interval of Eurovision in 1994.  Irish dancing involves only movement in the waist down.  River dance : v=RaDzCySXhqQ

5. Ogham writing  It is an early medieval alphabet used to write the early irish language.  It was written on stones, there is around 400 stones that have been found with this alphabet on it.

6.Celtic High Cross  They have illustrations on them such as scenes from the bible and celtic designs.  They were used as meeting points for religious ceremonies or to mark boundaries.

Gaeilge – Irish Language  This is the Irish word for post office.  Irish is an official language of Ireland. It is called ‘Gaelige’ .

Leprechaun  Is a type of irish fairy that exists in Irish folklore.  They collect their gold in a pot and if you find the end of the rainbow you can find a leprechaun and his gold.  The leprechaun has to grant you three wishes if you find him.

Gaeilge - Facts  “Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam” A country without a language, a country without a soul.  -Irish is the main language spoken in only 3% of the population´s homes.  Only 7.8% of the population claim to be fluent or very fluent (357,000).

Irish Phrases – Answers : 1.Dia dhuit D. Hello 2.Cad is ainm dhuit? E. What is your name? 3.Cead míle fáilte - A.Welcome 4.Oiche mhaith- C. Good Night 5.Go raibh mile maith agat - F. Thank you very much.  6.Conas áta tú?-B. How are you?  7.Slán go foíll -H. Goodbye / see you later  8 Éire - G. Ireland     

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