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Published on September 10, 2007

Author: mayhem



Iraque antes e depois da invasão dos EUA

Baghdad before 2003 Baghdad after 2003

Baghdad’s streets before 2003 Baghdad’s streets after 2003

Train station in Baghdad before 2003 Train station in Baghdad after 2003

Samara’ before 2003 Samara’ after 2003

Samara’ before 2003 Samara’ after 2003

Ur Harp before 2003 Ur Harp after 2003

Iraqi National Museum before 2003 Iraqi National Museum after 2003

Ishtar Gate before 2003 Ishtar gate after 2003

Babylon before 2003 Babylon stolen after 2003

Baghdad Library before 2003 Baghdad Library after 2003

Baghdad’s bridges before 2003 Baghdad’s bridges after 2003

Martyr's Symbol before 2003 Martyr’s symbol after 2003

Peace before 2003 War after 2003

Baghdad’s hospitals before 2003 Baghdad’s hospitals after 2003

Al-Mutanabi Street before 2003 Al-Mutanabi Street after 2003

Baghdad’s markets before 2003 Baghdad’s markets after 2003

Baghdad’s neighbors before 2003 Terrorists after 2003

Baghdad’s freedom before 2003 Baghdad’s walls after 2003

Baghdad’s rivers before 2003 Baghdad’s Blood rivers after 2003

Iraqi children before 2003 Iraqi children after 2003

Iraqi children before 2003 Iraqi children after 2003

Iraqi people before 2003 Iraqi refugee after 2003

US solders before 2003 US solders after 2003

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