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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: Diana


Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin:  Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin Water Wheel to turn machines:  Water Wheel to turn machines Industrial Revolution Reforms:  Industrial Revolution Reforms How did Britain solve the problems created by industrializa-tion? FOUR AREAS OF REFORM:  FOUR AREAS OF REFORM CHILD LABOR LIVING CONDITIONS LOW WAGES POOR WORKING CONDITIONS CHILD LABOR:  CHILD LABOR Factory Act of 1819 Factory Act of 1833 1842 Mines Act Limited working hours for children in cotton mills Limited working hours for children in all textile factories No women and girls, and boys under 13 working in mines CHILD LABOR …..CONTINUED:  CHILD LABOR …..CONTINUED TEN HOURS ACT - 1847 Most reforms the result of Parliament investigations in 1833. Set 10 hour day for women and children in all textile factories. LIVING CONDITIONS:  LIVING CONDITIONS Paved, lighted, and cleaned streets Public Health Act 1875 Sewer and water systems public bath and wash houses Police force 1829 WORKING CONDITIONS:  WORKING CONDITIONS Robert Owen’s factory experiment Ordered factory owners to fence in machines along with other safety measures

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